8 Definitions of Aim

The meaning of the word aim, the definition of Aim:

v. i. - To point or direct a missile weapon, or a weapon which propels as missile, towards an object or spot with the intent of hitting it; as, to aim at a fox, or at a target.

v. i. - To direct the indention or purpose; to attempt the accomplishment of a purpose; to try to gain; to endeavor; -- followed by at, or by an infinitive; as, to aim at distinction; to aim to do well.

v. i. - To guess or conjecture.

v. t. - To direct or point, as a weapon, at a particular object; to direct, as a missile, an act, or a proceeding, at, to, or against an object; as, to aim a musket or an arrow, the fist or a blow (at something); to aim a satire or a reflection (at some person or vice).

v. i. - The pointing of a weapon, as a gun, a dart, or an arrow, in the line of direction with the object intended to be struck; the line of fire; the direction of anything, as a spear, a blow, a discourse, a remark, towards a particular point or object, with a view to strike or affect it.

v. i. - The point intended to be hit, or object intended to be attained or affected.

v. i. - Intention; purpose; design; scheme.

v. i. - Conjecture; guess.

The word "aim" uses 3 letters: A I M

Direct anagrams of aim:


Words formed by adding one letter before or after aim, or to aim in any order:

a - amia   b - bima iamb   c - mica   d - amid diam maid   e - amie   g - magi   k - kami   l - lima mail   m - imam maim   n - amin main mina   p - pima   r - amir mair rami rima   s - aims amis sima   x - maxi  

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ai am ma mi

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