1 Definitions of Ambries

The meaning of the word ambries, the definition of Ambries:

pl. - of Ambry

The word "ambries" uses 7 letters: A B E I M R S

No direct anagrams for ambries found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after ambries, or to ambries in any order:

a - ambaries   e - amberies   g - gambiers   o - biramose   t - barmiest  

Shorter words found within ambries:

ab abri abris abs ae ai aim aimer aimers aims air airs ais am amber ambers ami amie amies amir amirs amis ar arb arbs are ares arise arm armies arms ars arse as ba bam bams bar bare bares barm barmie barms bars bas base baser be beam beams bear bears bema bemas berm berms bi bias bier biers bima bimas birse bis bise bm bra brae braes braise bras bream breams brie bries brim brims bris ear ears em embar embars emir emirs ems er era eras ers es iamb iambs ie ira ire ires is isba ism ma mabe mabes mae maes mair mairs mar mare mares mars marse mas maser mbira mbiras me mei mesa mi mib mibs mir mire mires mirs mis mise miser ms rabies raise ram rami ramie ramies rams ras rase rbi re ream reams reb rebs rei reis rem rems res ria rias rib ribes ribs rim rima rime rimes rims rise sab sabe saber sabir sabre sae same sari sea seam sear sei semi ser sera serai si sib sim sima simar sir sire smear sr sri

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