1 Definitions of Antediluvial

The meaning of the word antediluvial, the definition of Antediluvial:

a. - Before the flood, or Deluge, in Noah's time.

The word "antediluvial" uses 12 letters: A A D E I I L L N T U V

No direct anagrams for antediluvial found in our database.

Shorter words found within antediluvial:

aa aal aalii ad ade adient adieu adit adnate adulate adult advent ae ai aid aide ail ailed ain ait al ala alae alan aland alane alant alate alated ale alevin alien aline alined alit aliunde alive all allanite alleviant allied allude alluvia alt aludel alula alulae alunite alvine an ana anal and ane ani anil anile ant anta antae ante anted anti anvil anviled anvilled at ate audial audient audile audit auditive auld aunt auntie ava avail availed avant avaunt ave avellan aventail avian aviate aviated avid avidin dal dale data date datival dative daunt daut dautie daven davit de deal dealt dean deil del deli dell delt delta den deni denial dent dental dentalia dentil detail detain dev deva deviant devil dial die diel diet dilate dilative dill dillenia diluent dilute dilutive diluvia diluvial diluvian din dine dint dit dita dite diva divalent divan dive divine dl dual due duel duelli duet dui duit dulia dull dun dune dunite dunt duvet eat eau ed edit el elain elan eland eld elint ell eluant eluvia eluvial en end entail entia et eta etna etui evil id idea ideal idle ie ii il ilea ileal ilia iliad ilial ill illative illite illuvia illuviated in indie indite indue indult inedita inia inlaid inlet inti inula inutile invade invalid invalidate invital invite invited it iv iva ivied la lad lade laden ladle laelia laid lain lanai lanate lanated land landau landaulet lane lanital lat late lated laten lati lauan laud laudative lav lava lave laved lea lead leal lean leant led lei lend lent lentil let leu leud lev leva levant levin levulin li liana liane lid lie lied lien lienal lieu lii lilied lilt lilted lin line lineal lined lint lintel lit litai lite litu liv live lived liven livid lude luna lunate lunated lune lunet lunt lunted lute lutea luteal luted lutein luv lv lvi lvii na nada nae naevi naiad nail nailed naive naled natal native nautili navaid naval nave navel ne neat net nevi nidal nide nidi nielli nil nill nilled nit nite nitid nival nu nude nudie null nulled nut ta tad tae tael taenia tail tailed taille tain tala tale tali tall tallied tan tau tav te tea teal ted teiid teind tel tela telia telial tell ten tenail tend tenia ti tidal tide tie tied til tilde tile tiled till tilled tin tine tinea tineal tined tineid tui tuille tuladi tule tulle tun tuna tune tuned tv ulan ulna ulnad ulnae ult ulva un unai unallied unde unideal unit unite united unitive unlade unlaid unlead unled unlet unlit unlive unlived untie untied until untilled unveil ut uta utile uvea uveal vail vailed vain vale valent valet valiant valid validate valine vallate valuate valuated value valued valuta van vanda vandal vane vaned vanilla vanitied vat vatu vau vault vaulted vaunt vaunted vauntie veal veau vedalia veil vein veinal vela veld veldt vena venal vend venial vent ventail venula vet vi via vial vialed vialled viand vide vie vied vii vile vill villa villae villain villein villi vina vinal vine vineal vined vita vitae vital vitelli vitellin vituline

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