argents is a valid word. For a definition, see the external dictionary links below.

The word "argents" uses 7 letters: A E G N R S T

Direct anagrams of argents:

garnets strange

Words formed by adding one letter before or after argents, or to argents in any order:

a - tanagers   d - dragnets grandest   e - estrange grantees greatens negaters reagents sergeant   f - engrafts   g - gangster   i - angriest astringe ganister gantries granites ingrates rangiest   l - strangle tanglers   m - garments margents   o - estragon negators   p - trepangs   r - granters regrants stranger   w - twangers  

Shorter words found within argents:

ae ag age agent agents ager agers ages an ane anes anger angers angst ant ante antes antre antres ants ar are ares argent ars arse art arts as aster astern at ate ates ear earn earns ears east eat eats en eng engs ens er era eras erg ergs ern erns ers erst es et eta etas etna etnas gae gaen gaes gan gane gar garnet gars gas gast gaster gat gate gates gats gean gear gears gen gens gent gents gest get geta getas gets gnar gnars gnat gnats gran grans grant grants grat grate grates great greats na nae nag nags nares nates ne near nears neat neats nerts nest net nets ng rag rage rages rags ran rang range ranges rant rants ras rase rat rate rates rats re reg regna regs rent rents res rest ret retag retags rets sae sag sage sager sane saner sang sanger sarge sat sate sea sear seat seg sen sent ser sera set seta snag snare sr stag stage stager stane stang star stare stern sterna strang ta tae tag tags tan tang tangs tans tar tare tares targe targes tarn tarns tars tas te tea tear tears teas teg tegs ten tens teras terga tern terns trans tsar

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