1 Definitions of Argillite

The meaning of the word argillite, the definition of Argillite:

n. - Argillaceous schist or slate; clay slate. Its colors is bluish or blackish gray, sometimes greenish gray, brownish red, etc.

The word "argillite" uses 9 letters: A E G I I L L R T

No direct anagrams for argillite found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after argillite, or to argillite in any order:

s - argillites  

Shorter words found within argillite:

ae aegir ag age ager agile aglet ai aiglet aigret ail air airt ait al ale alert alit all alt alter ar are argil argle ariel aril art artel at ate ear earl eat egal el ell er era erg et eta gae gait gaiter gal gale gall gallet gar gari gat gate gear gel gelati gelt get geta gie gill giller gillie gilt girl girlie girt git glair glaire glare glia glial grail grat grate great grill grille grit ie ii il ilea ileal ilia ilial ill iller illite ira irate ire it la lag lager lair lar large lari lat late later lati lea leal lear leg legal legit lei let li liar lie lier ligate liger lii lilt lira lire liri lit litai lite liter literal litre rag rage ragi rail rale rat rate ratel re real reg regal regilt rei relit ret retag retail retia retial ria rial riel rig rile rill rille rillet rite ta tae tael tag tail tailer taille tale taler tali tall taller tallier tar tare targe te tea teal tear teg tel tela telia telial tell terai terga tergal ti tie tier tiger til tile tiler till tillage tiller tire tirl tragi trail triage trial trig trill

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