10 Definitions of Art

The meaning of the word art, the definition of Art:

n. - The employment of means to accomplish some desired end; the adaptation of things in the natural world to the uses of life; the application of knowledge or power to practical purposes.

n. - A system of rules serving to facilitate the performance of certain actions; a system of principles and rules for attaining a desired end; method of doing well some special work; -- often contradistinguished from science or speculative principles; as, the art of building or engraving; the art of war; the art of navigation.

n. - The systematic application of knowledge or skill in effecting a desired result. Also, an occupation or business requiring such knowledge or skill.

n. - The application of skill to the production of the beautiful by imitation or design, or an occupation in which skill is so employed, as in painting and sculpture; one of the fine arts; as, he prefers art to literature.

n. - Those branches of learning which are taught in the academical course of colleges; as, master of arts.

n. - Learning; study; applied knowledge, science, or letters.

n. - Skill, dexterity, or the power of performing certain actions, acquired by experience, study, or observation; knack; as, a man has the art of managing his business to advantage.

n. - Skillful plan; device.

n. - Cunning; artifice; craft.

n. - The black art; magic.

The word "art" uses 3 letters: A R T

Direct anagrams of art:

rat tar

Words formed by adding one letter before or after art, or to art in any order:

a - atar   b - brat   c - cart   d - dart drat trad   e - rate tare tear   f - fart frat raft   g - grat   h - hart rath tahr   i - airt   k - kart   m - mart tram   n - rant tarn   o - rato rota taro tora   p - part prat rapt tarp trap   s - arts rats star tars tsar   t - tart   w - wart   y - arty tray   z - tzar  

Shorter words found within art:

ar at ta

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