3 Definitions of Assert

The meaning of the word assert, the definition of Assert:

v. t. - To affirm; to declare with assurance, or plainly and strongly; to state positively; to aver; to asseverate.

v. t. - To maintain; to defend.

v. t. - To maintain or defend, as a cause or a claim, by words or measures; to vindicate a claim or title to; as, to assert our rights and liberties.

The word "assert" uses 6 letters: A E R S S T

Direct anagrams of assert:

asters stares

Words formed by adding one letter before or after assert, or to assert in any order:

b - basters breasts   c - actress casters recasts   e - easters reseats searest seaters teasers tessera   f - fasters strafes   g - gasters stagers   h - rashest trashes   i - satires   k - skaters strakes streaks   l - artless lasters salters slaters   m - masters streams   p - pasters repasts sparest   r - arrests rasters starers   s - asserts trasses   t - starets staters tasters   v - starves   w - wasters   y - estrays stayers  

Shorter words found within assert:

ae ar are ares ars arse arses art arts as ass asset aster at ate ates ear ears east easts eat eats er era eras ers erst es ess et eta etas ras rase rases rat rate rates rats re res rest rests ret rets sae sat sate sates sea sear sears seas seat seats ser sera sers set seta sets sr star stare stars ta tae tar tare tares tars tas tass tasse te tea tear tears teas teras trass tress tsar tsars

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