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The meaning of the word at, the definition of At:

prep. - Primarily, this word expresses the relations of presence, nearness in place or time, or direction toward; as, at the ninth hour; at the house; to aim at a mark. It is less definite than in or on; at the house may be in or near the house. From this original import are derived all the various uses of at.

prep. - A relation of proximity to, or of presence in or on, something; as, at the door; at your shop; at home; at school; at hand; at sea and on land.

prep. - The relation of some state or condition; as, at war; at peace; at ease; at your service; at fault; at liberty; at risk; at disadvantage.

prep. - The relation of some employment or action; occupied with; as, at engraving; at husbandry; at play; at work; at meat (eating); except at puns.

prep. - The relation of a point or position in a series, or of degree, rate, or value; as, with the thermometer at 80

prep. - The relations of time, age, or order; as, at ten o'clock; at twenty-one; at once; at first.

prep. - The relations of source, occasion, reason, consequence, or effect; as, at the sight; at this news; merry at anything; at this declaration; at his command; to demand, require, receive, deserve, endure at your hands.

prep. - Relation of direction toward an object or end; as, look at it; to point at one; to aim at a mark; to throw, strike, shoot, wink, mock, laugh at any one.

The word "at" uses 2 letters: A T

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b - bat tab   c - act cat   d - tad   e - ate eat eta tae tea   f - aft fat   g - gat tag   h - hat   i - ait   j - taj   k - kat   l - alt lat   m - atm mat tam   n - ant tan   o - oat tao   p - apt pat tap   q - qat   r - art rat tar   s - sat tas   t - att tat   u - tau uta   v - tav vat   w - taw twa wat   x - tax  

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