1 Definitions of Ballistocardiogram

The meaning of the word ballistocardiogram, the definition of Ballistocardiogram:

noun.communication - a graphical recording made by a ballistocardiograph

The word "ballistocardiogram" uses 18 letters: A A A B C D G I I L L M O O R R S T

No direct anagrams for ballistocardiogram found in our database.

Shorter words found within ballistocardiogram:

aa aal aalii aaliis aals aas ab aba abaca abacas abaci abas abasia abasic abatic abatis abator abators abdicator abdicators abigail abigails abiological abiotic ablism abloom abo aboard aboil abolla aboma abomas abomasa abomasal abomasi aborad aboral abort aborts abos abri abris abroad abrogator abrosia abs acardia acari acarid acarids acaroid acid acids acold acrasia acrid acrobat acrobats acromia acromial acrosomal acrotism act acta actor actors acts ad adagial adagio adagios adiabatic adios adit adits admiral admirals admit admits ado adobo adobos ados adroit ads adsorb ag aga agal agama agamas agamic agamid agar agaric agarics agars agas agatoid agio agios agism agist agma agmas ago agora agoras agorot agria agrias ai aid aids ail ails aim aims aioli aiolis air airbag airbags airboat airboats airmail airmails airs airt airts ais ait aits al ala alalia alamo alamos alar alarm alarmist alarms alas alastor alastrim alb alba albas albata albatas albitic albs alcid alcids aldol aldols alga algal algaroba algarobas algarroba algarrobas algas algicidal algid algoid algor algorism algors alias alibi alibis alist alit all allgood alligator alligators allis allobar allobars allocator allocators allod allodia allods allot allots alls alma almas almost alms alocasia alodia alodial alogical als also alt altar altars alto altos altricial alts am ama amas amastia amatol amatols ambari ambaris ambit ambits ambo ambos ambroid ambroids ambrosia ambrosial ami amia amias amici amid amidic amido amidol amidols amids amidst amiga amigas amigo amigos amir amirs amis amora amoral amoralist amorist amoristic amort amrita amritas amtrac amtracs aorist aoristic aorta aortal aortas aortic ar arabic arabica arabicas aralia aramid aramids arariba araroba ararobas arb arbalist arbitral arbor arborical arborist arbors arbs arc arcadia arcadias arco arcs arctiid ardor ardors argal argala argalas argali argalis argals argasid argil argils argol argols argot argotic argots aria arias arid aril arilloid arils ariosi arioso arista aristo arm armada armadas armadillo armadillos armilla armillas armload armloads armor armorial armorials armors arms aroid aroids aroma aromas aromatic aromatics arras arris arroba arrobas ars art artal arts as ascarid asci ascidia ascoma ascot asdic asocial asrama astarboard astigmia astir astragal astral astroglia astrological at atabal atabals atamasco atar atlas atm atma atmas atoll atolls atom atomic atomical atomics atoms atria atrial ba baa baal baalim baalism baals baas bacalao bacalaos bacillar bacilli bad bads bag bags bail bailor bailors bails baisa bait baits bal balas balata balatas bald baldric baldrics balds ball ballad balladic balladist ballads ballast ballista ballistic ballot ballots ballroom ballrooms balls balm balmoral balmorals balms bals balsa balsam balsamic balsamroot bam bams bar bard bardic bards baric barilla barillas barm barmaid barmaids barms barogram barograms barricado barrio barrios barroom barrooms bars barstool bas basal basalt basaltic basic basidia basidial basil basilar basilic basilica basmati bast bastard bat bats bi biali bialis bias bicoastal bicolor bicolors bid bids big bigamist bigos bigot bigots bigram bigs bill billiard billiards bills bima bimas bimli bimodal bio bioarm biocidal biogas biologic biological biologicals biologics biologism biologist bios biosocial biosolid biota biotas biotic biotical biotics biracial biradial bird birdcall birdcalls birds birl birls birr birrs bis bistro bistroic bit bits blam blams blast blastoma blat blats bloat bloats bloc blocs blog blood bloods bloom blooms blot blots bm bo boa boar board boards boardsailor boars boart boarts boas boast boat boatload boatloads boats bod bods bog bogmat bogs boil boils bola bolar bolas bold bolds boll bollard bollards bolls bolo bologram bolos bolt bolti bolts boo boom booms boor boors boos boost boot boots bora boral borals boras boric borstal bort borts bos bosc bosom bot bota botas bots bra braciola braciolas bract bracts brad brads brag brags braid braids brail braillist brails bras brasil brat brats briar briard briards briars bridal bridals brig brigs brill brills brim brims brio brios bris bristol brit brits bro broad broadcast broads broadtail broadtails brocoli brocolis broil broils bromal bromals bromic bromid bromidic bromids bromo bromos broo brood broods broom brooms broos bros brr cab cabal cabala cabalas cabalism cabalist cabals cabildo cabildos cabrilla cabrillas cabs cad cadastral cadi cadis cads caid caids caimito caird cairds calaba calamar calamari calamaris calamars calami caldaria calibrator calibrators call calla callas calls calm calms calo calos calosoma cam camail camails camarilla camarillas camas cambia cambial cambist cambogia cambogias camisa camisado camisia camo camorra camorras camorrista camorristi cams car carabao carabaos carabid carabids caramba carambola carambolas carat carats carb carbo carbora carboras carbos carbs card cardia cardias cardiogram cardiograms cardiologist carditis cardroom cards cargo cargos caritas carl carload carloads carls carob carobs carol caroli carols carom caroms carotid carotids carr carrom carroms carrot carrots carrs cars cart cartload cartloads cartroad carts casa casaba casita cast castor cat catabolism catalo catalog catalogs catalos catbird catbirds cats cd cgs ci ciao cibol cibols ciboria cig cigar cigarillo cigarillos cigars cigs cilia cilial cirio cirri cirsoid cis cist citola citolas citral citrals cl clad cladist cladogram cladograms clads clag clags claim claims clam clamatorial clamor clamors clams claro claros clast climatal climb climbs clit clitoral clitoris clits clod clods clog clogs cloistral clomb cloot cloots clostridia clostridial clot clots cm coadmit coadmits coal coala coalas coals coast coastal coat coati coatis coats cob cobalt cobalts cobia cobias cobra cobras cobs cod coda codas cods cog cogito cogitos cogs coil coils coir coirs coistril coital col cola colas cold colds colitis collagist collar collard collards collars collator collators collimator collimators colloid colloids colobi colog cologs color colorism colorist colors colostral cols colt colts coma comal comas comb combat combats combo combos combs comitia comitial coo cool cools coomb coombs coos coot coots cor coral coralloid corals cord cordial cordials corditis cordoba cordobas cords corgi corgis coria corm cormoid corms corolla corollas corral corrals corrida corridas cors corsair cortisol cos cosmid cost costa costal costalgia costar costard costia cot cotidal cots craal craals crab crabs crag crags cram crambo crambos crams crib cribs criollo criollos cris crista cristal crotal crotalaria dab dabs dacoit dacoits dag dago dagoba dagobas dagos dags daimio daimios dais dal dalasi dalmatic dalmatics dalo dals dam damar damars dams darb darbs daric darics dart darts das data dato datos dg diabasic diabatic diabolic diabolical diabolism diabolist diabolo diabolos diagram diagrams dial dialist diallist dialog dialogic dialogical dialogist dialogs dials diam diarist diastolic diastral diatom diatomic diatoms dib dibasic dibs dicast dicot dicots dicrotal dicrotism dicta dig digamist digastric digit digital digitals digits diglot diglots digram digs dilator dilators dill dills dim dims diobol diobols diol diols diorama dioramas dioramic dirl dirls dirt dirtbag dirtbags dirts dis disa disarm disbar disc disci disclaim disco discolor dismal disomic disroot distal distil distill dit dita ditas dits dl dm do doat doats dobla doblas dobra dobras dobro dobros doc docs doctor doctoral doctorial doctors dog dogcart dogcarts dogma dogmas dogmata dogmatic dogmatical dogmatics dogs doit doits dol dolci doll dollar dollars dolls dolma dolmas dolomitic dolor dolors dols dolt dolts dom domal domic domical domicil domicils doms doob doom dooms door doormat doormats doors doorsill dor doric dorm dorms dorr dorrs dors dorsa dorsal dos dost dot dotal dots drab draba drabs drag drags drail drails dram drama dramas dramatic dramatics drams drastic drat drats drib dribs drill drills droit droits droll drolls drool drools gab gabs gad gadi gadis gads gaillardia gaillardias gait gaits gal gala galabia galabias galas galiot galiots gall galliard galliards gallic gallicism galliot galliots galloot galloots galls galoot galoots gals gam gama gamas gamb gamba gambado gambados gambas gambia gambias gambir gambirs gambist gambit gambits gambol gambols gambs gamic gams gaol gaolbird gaols gar garb garboard garboards garboil garboils garbs gari garibaldi garibaldis garlic garlics gars gas gaslit gast gastral gastric gat gator gators gats giardia gib gibs gid gids gild gilds gill gills gilt gilts gimbal gimbals girasol gird girds girl girls giro giros girosol girt girts gismo gist git gits glacial glacis glad gladiator gladiatorial gladiators gladiola gladiolas gladioli glads glair glairs glamor glamors glia glial glias glib glim glims glioblastoma glioma gliomas gliomata gloam gloams gloat gloats glob global globalism globalist globoid globoids globs glom gloms gloom glooms gloria glorias gloriosa glost gm go goa goad goads goal goals goas goat goats gob gobioid gobioids gobo gobos gobs god gods gold golds goliard goliardic goliards gombo gombos goo good goods gooral goorals goos gor goral gorals gorilla gorillas gos got graal graals grab grabs gracilis gracioso grad grads grail grails gram grama gramas grams grat gratis grid grids grill grillroom grillrooms grills grim griot griots grist gristmill grit grits groat groats groom grooms grot grots iamb iambi iambic iambics iambs iatric iatrical ibis ic ictal id idioblast idiom idioms idiot idiots idol idolator idolators idolism idols ids igloo igloos ii il ilama ilia iliac iliad iliads ilial ill illogic illogics ills imagist imago imagos imbroglio imbroglios imid imido imids iodic iodism iota iotacism iotas ira irid irids iris is isallobar isallobaric isba ism isobar isobaric isogram isolator isolog it italic italics its la laari lab labara labia labial labials labor labors labra labrador labradors labroid labroids labs lac lacrimal lacrimals lacrimator lacrimators lacs lactam lactams lad lads lag lags laic laical laicism laics laid lair laird lairds lairs lam lama lamas lamb lambast lambda lambdas lambs lamia lamias lams lar larboard larboards lard lards largo largos lari lariat lariats larid laris lars las lascar last lat lati latigo latigos latosol latosolic latria latrias lats lb lcm li liar liard liards liars lib libido libidos libra libras libri libs licit lictor lictors lid lidar lidars lido lidos lids lii lilac lilacs lilt lilts lima limacoid limas limb limba limbas limbi limbic limbo limbos limbs limit limits limo limos lira liras liri lirot lis list lit litai litas litoral lits llama llamas lm lo load loads loadstar loam loams loasa lob lobar lobo lobos lobs loca local localism localist locals locator locators loci loco locoism locos log logia logic logical logicism logics logistic logistical logo logoi logos logs loir loligo lomatia loo loom looms loos loot loots loral lord lordoma lordomas lordotic lords lorica loris lost lot lota lotas loti lotic lotos lots ma maar maars mac macro macroglia macros macs mad madras madrasa madrigal madrigalist madrigals mads mag magi magic magical magics magistral magot magots mags maid maids mail mailbag mailbags mailboat maill maillot maillots maills mails maiolica maiolicas mair mairs maist malacia malacologist maladroit malar malaria malarial malarias malariologist malars malic mall mallard mallards malls malodor malodors maloti malt maltol maltols malts mar mara maraca maracas marasca marc marcato marcs margaric margarita margaritas margosa maria marigold marigolds marital marl marlitic marls marri mars marsala mart martial marts mas mascara mascot mast mastaba mastalgia mastic mastoid mastoidal mat matador matadors matai matilda matildas matric matricidal matrisib mats mbira mbiras mcg mg mi mib mibs mica micas micra micro microbar microbars microbat microbial microdot microdots microglia micros mid midair midairs midi midis midrib midribs mids midst mig migrator migrators migs mil miladi miladis mild milia mill millboard milliard milliards millibar millibars mills milo milord milords milos mils milt milts miotic miotics mir mirador miradors mirasol miri mirid miro mirs mis misact misbill miscall miscatalog miscolor misdial misdo mislabor mislaid mislit miso mist mistral mistrial mitis mitral ml mo moa moas moat moats mob mobocrat mobocrats mobs moc mocs mod modal modi modica modioli mods mog mogs moil moils moira moirai moist mol mola molal molar molars molas mold molds moll molls mols molt molto molts moo mood moods mool moola moolas mools moor moorbird moors moos moot moots mor mora moral moralist moralistic morals moras moratoria morbid morbilli morris morro morros mors mort mortal mortals mortar mortars morts mos mosaic most mot motor motorcar motorcars motorial motoric motors mots ms oar oars oast oat oats obi obia obias obiism obis obit obits oblast oblasti obligati obligato obligatos obligor obligors oboist obol oboli obols oca ocas octad octads octal octroi octrois od odic odist odor odors ods ogam ogams ogrism oidia oil oilbird oilbirds oilrig oils ola old olds olio olios olla ollas olm ologist om omasa omit omits oms oolitic oomiac oomiacs oorali ooralis oot ootid ootids oots or ora orad oral oralism oralist orals orator oratorical orators orb orbit orbital orbitals orbits orbs orc orca orcas orcs ordo ordos orgasm orgasmic orgastic orgiac orgiastic orgic oribatid oribatids oribi oribis origami origamis orra orris ors ort orts os osar oscillator oscillogram osmatic osmic osmol osmolal osmolar osmotic ostia ostiolar ostraca ostracod otalgia otalgias otalgic otc otic rabat rabato rabatos rabats rabic rabid racial racialism racialist racism racist rad radar radars radial radialia radials radiator radiators radical radicalism radicals radii radio radiogram radiograms radiologic radiological radiologist radios rads rag raga ragas ragi ragis rags raia raias raid raids rail railbird railbirds railcar railcars railroad railroads rails raita ram rami ramrod ramrods rams ramtil ramtils ras rasbora rascal rasorial rat ratal ratals ratbag ratbags ratio ratios rato ratos rats rbi ria rial rials rialto rialtos rias riata riatas rib ribald ribalds ribosomal ribs rictal rid ridgil ridgils rids rig rigid rigor rigorism rigorist rigors rigs rill rills rim rima rims riot riots ritard ritards road roads roam roams roar roars roast rob robalo robalos robot robotic robotics robotism robots robs roc rocs rod rods roil roils roll rolls rom romaic roms rood roods room rooms roost root roots rosaria rosilla rosita rostra rostral rot rota rotas roti rotis rotl rotls roto rotor rotors rotos rots sab sabadilla sabir sabot sabra sac sacra sacral sacraria sad sadi sag saga sago said saiga sail sailboard sailboat sailor sal salaam salaat salad salai salal salami salariat salat salic sall salmi salol salt samara samba sambar sambo saratoga sarcoid sarcoma sarcomata sard sardar sari sarod sartor sartorial sartorii sat satara sati satiric satirical satori scab scad scag scagliola scalado scalar scald scall scalogram scam scar scarab scart scat sciara sciarid scilla scimitar scold scolioma scombroid scoot scoria scot scotia scotoma scrag scram scribal scrim scrod scroll scrota scrotal si sial sialic sialid sialoid sib sic sigil sigloi sigma sigmoid sigmoidal sild silica sill silo silt sim sima simal simar similar simitar sir sirdar sirra sit sitar sitcom slab slag slalom slam slat slid slim slit slob slog sloid slot small smalt smalti smalto smaragd smart smarta smilo smit smog smolt so soar sob sobralia social sociogram sod soda sodic sodom sodomitic sodomitical soil sol sola solar solaria solatia sold soldi soldo soli solicit solicitor solid solidago solidi solo som soma somata somatic somital somitic soot sora sorb sorbic sorbitol sord sordor sorgo sori soritic sororal sort sot sotol sr sri stab stadia stag staid staig stair stalag stall star starboard stardom stibial stigma stigmal still stillroom stir stoa stoai stob stoic stoical stolid stoma stomal stood stool storm stria stridor strigil strobic strobil strobila strobili stroll stroma stromal ta tab tabard tabards tabasco tabi tabid tabis tabla tablas tabloid tabloids taboo tabooli taboos tabor tabors tabs taco tacos tad tads tag tagboard tagboards tags taiga taigas tail tailboard tailboards tailor tailorbird tailorbirds tailors tails taira tala talar talaria talars talas talc talcs tali tall tallaisim tallis tallisim tam tamal tamals tamarao tamaraos tamari tamarillo tamarillos tamaris tambac tambacs tambala tambalas tamis tams tao taos tar tarama taramas tardo tarmac tarmacs taro taroc tarocs taros tars tarsal tarsi tarsia tas ti tiara tiaras tibia tibial tibias tic tical ticals tics tidal til till tills tils timbal timbals timbral timid timolol timolols tirl tirls tiro tiros tis to toad toads tod tods tog toga togas togs toil toils tola tolar tolars tolas told toll tollbar tollbars tolls tom tomb tombac tombacs tombal tombola tombolas tombs tomcod tomcods toms too tool tools toom tor tora toras torc torcs tori toric torii toro toroid toroidal toroids toros torr torrid tors torsi torso trad tragi tragic tragical tragics trail trails tram tramcar tramcars tramroad tramroads trams triac triacid triacids triacs triad triadic triadics triadism triads trial trials tribadic tribadism tribal tribalism tribasic tribological triclad triclads tricolor tricolors trig trigo trigos trigram trigrams trigs trill trills trilobal trim trims trio triol triols trios trismic trisomic trocar trocars trod troilism trois troll trolls tsadi tsar tsardom

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