6 Definitions of Beast

The meaning of the word beast, the definition of Beast:

n. - Any living creature; an animal; -- including man, insects, etc.

n. - Any four-footed animal, that may be used for labor, food, or sport; as, a beast of burden.

n. - As opposed to man: Any irrational animal.

n. - Fig.: A coarse, brutal, filthy, or degraded fellow.

n. - A game at cards similar to loo.

n. - A penalty at beast, omber, etc. Hence: To be beasted, to be beaten at beast, omber, etc.

The word "beast" uses 5 letters: A B E S T

Direct anagrams of beast:

abets baste bates beats betas tabes

Words formed by adding one letter before or after beast, or to beast in any order:

a - abates   d - basted   h - bathes   k - basket   l - ablest bleats stable tables   n - absent   r - barest baster breast tabers   s - basest basset bastes beasts   t - bettas   u - beauts  

Shorter words found within beast:

ab abet abs ae as at ate ates ba bas base bast bat bate bats be beat best bet beta bets east eat eats es et eta etas sab sabe sae sat sate sea seat set seta stab ta tab tabs tae tas te tea teas

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