2 Definitions of Bloated

The meaning of the word bloated, the definition of Bloated:

imp. & p. p. - of Bloat

p. a. - Distended beyond the natural or usual size, as by the presence of water, serum, etc.; turgid; swollen; as, a bloated face. Also, puffed up with pride; pompous.

The word "bloated" uses 7 letters: A B D E L O T

Direct anagrams of bloated:


Words formed by adding one letter before or after bloated, or to bloated in any order:

d - deadbolt   g - globated   h - bolthead   l - balloted  

Shorter words found within bloated:

ab abed abet able abo abode ad ade ado adobe ae al alb albedo ale aloe alt alto at ate atole ba bad bade bal bald bale baled bat bate bated be bead beat bed bel belt bet beta blade blae blat blate bleat bled blet bloat blot bo boa boat boated boatel bod bode bola bold bole bolt bolted bot bota botel dab dal dale dalo date dato de deal dealt deb debt del delt delta dl do doable doat dobla doe dol dole dolt dot dotal dote eat ed el eld et eta la lab lad lade lat late lated lb lea lead led let lo load lob lobate lobe lobed lode lot lota oat obe oblate od ode odea oe ola old ole olea ta tab table tabled tad tae tael tale tao te tea teal ted tel tela to toad tod toe toea toed tola told tole toled

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