1 Definitions of Casern

The meaning of the word casern, the definition of Casern:

n. - A lodging for soldiers in garrison towns, usually near the rampart; barracks.

The word "casern" uses 6 letters: A C E N R S

Direct anagrams of casern:

caners cranes nacres rances

Words formed by adding one letter before or after casern, or to casern in any order:

c - cancers   d - dancers   e - careens caserne recanes   h - ranches   i - arcsine arsenic carnies   k - cankers snacker   l - lancers   n - canners scanner   o - coarsen corneas narcose   p - prances   s - ancress caserns   t - canters carnets nectars recants scanter tanrecs trances   v - caverns cravens   y - carneys  

Shorter words found within casern:

ace aces acne acnes acre acres ae an ane anes ar arc arcs are ares ars arse as can cane caner canes cans car care cares carn carns cars carse case ceras cran crane ear earn earns ears en ens er era eras ern erns ers es escar na nacre nae narc narcs nares ne near nears race races ran rance ras rase re rec recs res sac sae sane saner scan scar scare scena sea sear sec sen ser sera serac snare sr

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