2 Definitions of Caste

The meaning of the word caste, the definition of Caste:

n. - One of the hereditary classes into which the Hindoos are divided according to the laws of Brahmanism.

n. - A separate and fixed order or class of persons in society who chiefly hold intercourse among themselves.

The word "caste" uses 5 letters: A C E S T

Direct anagrams of caste:

cates cesta taces

Words formed by adding one letter before or after caste, or to caste in any order:

d - cadets   f - facets   h - chaste cheats sachet scathe taches   k - casket   l - castle cleats eclats   n - ascent centas enacts secant stance   o - costae   p - aspect epacts   r - carets cartes caster caters crates reacts recast traces   s - castes cestas   t - stacte   u - acutes cuesta   x - exacts  

Shorter words found within caste:

ace aces act acts ae as at ate ates case cast cat cate cats east eat eats es et eta etas sac sae sat sate scat sea seat sec sect set seta ta tace tae tas te tea teas tec

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