1 Definitions of Catastrophism

The meaning of the word catastrophism, the definition of Catastrophism:

n. - The doctrine that the geological changes in the earth's crust have been caused by the sudden action of violent physical causes; -- opposed to the doctrine of uniformism.

The word "catastrophism" uses 13 letters: A A C H I M O P R S S T T

No direct anagrams for catastrophism found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after catastrophism, or to catastrophism in any order:

s - catastrophisms  

Shorter words found within catastrophism:

aa aah aahs aas acari achira achromat achromats achromia acromia across acrotism acrotisms act acta actor actorish actors acts ah aha ahimsa ahimsas ai aim aims air airpost airposts airs airt airth airths airts ais ait aitch aits am ama amah amahs amas amass ami amia amias amir amirs amis amiss amora amorist amorists amorpha amort amp amphora amphoras amphoric amps amrita amritas amtrac amtracs aorist aorists aorta aortas aortic apar apart aphasic aphasics aphis aphorism aphorisms aphorist aphorists aphotic apish apomict apomicts aport apricot apricots aprotic apsis apt ar arc arch archaism archaisms archaist archaists arco arcs arhat arhats aria arias arista aristas aristo aristos arm armpit armpits arms aroma aromas aromatic aromatics ars arsis art artist artists arts as ascaris asci ascoma ascot ascots ash ashram ashrams asp aspic aspics aspis aspish asps ass assai assort astatic asthma asthmas asthmatic asthmatics astir astrict astricts at atap ataps atar athar athirst atm atma atmas atom atomic atomics atomist atomists atoms atop atopic atria atrip atrophia atrophias atrophic atropism atropisms att attach attar attars attic attics cam camas camash camass camisa camisas camo camosh camp camphor camphors campi campo campos camps cams cap caph caphs capias capita capo capos capris caps captor captors car carat carats carhop carhops carissa caritas carom caroms carp carpi carps cars cart cartop carts casa casas cash casita casitas cassia cast castor castors castrati castrato castratos casts cat catharsis cats cattish chair chairs cham chamiso chamisos chamois champ champs chams chao chaos chap chapati chapatis chapatti chapattis chaps chapt char charas chariot chariots charism charisma charisms charm charms charpai charpais chars chart chartist chartists charts chasm chasms chat chats chi chia chiao chias chiasm chiasma chiasmas chiasms chimar chimars chimp chimps chip chips chirm chirms chiro chiros chirp chirps chis chit chits choir choirs chomp chomps chop chops chott chotts chrism chrisma chrisms chrisom chrisoms christ chroma chromas ci ciao cis cist cists citator citators cithara citharas cm coapt coapts coast coasts coat coati coatis coats coir coirs coma comas comp comparatist comparatists compart comparts compass comps compt compts cop copra coprah coprahs copras cops cor coria corm corms corp corps cors cos cosh cosmist coss cost costa costar costars costia costs cot cots cotta cottar cottars cottas cps cram cramp crampit crampits cramps crams crap craps crash crasis crass crimp crimps cris crisp crisps crissa crista crith crop crops cross ha haar haars hair haircap haircaps hairs ham hams hao haoma hap haps haptic harass haricot haricots harm harms harp harpist harpists harps hart harts has hasp hasps hast hat hats hi hic him hip hips his hiss hist hists hit hits hm ho hoar hoars hoist hoists hop hops hora horas horst horsts host hosta hostas hosts hot hots hr ic ich ichor ichors ichs ihram ihrams imp impact impactor impactors impacts impart imparts impasto impastos import imports impost imposts imps iota iotas ira is ism isms isopach isopachs isotach isotachs it itch its ma maar maars mac mach macho machos machs macro macros macs mair mairs maist maists map maps mar mara marc marcato march marcs maria mariposa mariposas marish mars marsh mart marts mas mascot mascots mash masochist mass massa massicot mast mastic masticator masticators mastics masts mat matai match math maths matrass matric mats matsah matsahs matt mattrass matts mho mhos mi mica micas micra micro micros mir miro mirs mirth mirths mis misact misacts miscast mishap mishaps miso misos mispart misparts mispatch miss missort misstart misstop mist mists mitt mitts mo moa moas moat moats moc mocha mochas mocs mohair mohairs moira moist mop mopish mops mor mora moras morass morph morphia morphias morphic morphs mors mort morts mos mosaic mosaics mosh moss most mosts mot moth moths mots mott motts mph ms msasa oar oars oasis oast oasts oat oath oaths oats oca ocas oh ohia ohias ohm ohmic ohms ohs om omasa omit omits oms op opah opahs ops opt optic optics optima opts or ora orach orc orca orcas orchis orcs orphic ors ort orts os osar osmatic osmic osmics ossa ossia ostia ostraca ostracism ostrich otc otic ottar ottars pa pac paca pacas pacha pachas pacs pact pacts pah pair pairs paisa paisas pam pams par para paracosm paramo paramos paras parashot parch pariah pariahs paris parish parotic pars part partita partitas parts pas pash pasha pashas pass passim past pasta pastas pastis pastor pastors pastrami pastramis pastromi pastromis pasts pat patas patch path pathos paths patio patios patois patriot patriots pats pct pharma pharmacist pharmacists pharos phasic phasis phat phatic phi phis phot photic photics phots pht pi pia pias pic pica picara picaras picaro picaros picas picot picots pics pima pimas pis piscator piscators pisco piscos pish piso pisos piss pit pita pitas pitch pith piths pits pitta poach poh poi pois poisha pom poms porc porch porism porisms port porta ports posh posit posits post postcrash posts pot potamic potash potassic pots praam praams pram prams prao praos prat prats prim prima primas primo primos prims prism prisms priss pro proa proas prom proms pros prosaic prosaism prosaist prosit pross prost prostatic prostatism protasis protatic protist protists psi psis psoai psoas psoatic psst ptosis ptotic rachis racism racisms racist racists rah raia raias raita ram rami ramp ramps rams rap raphia raphias raphis rapist rapists raps rapt ras rash rasp raspish rasps rat ratch rath ratio ratios rato ratos rats rattish rho rhos ria rias riata riatas rich ricotta ricottas rim rima rims riot riots rip ripost riposts rips roach roam roams roast roasts roc rocs rom romaic romish romp rompish romps roms rosita rot rota rotas rotch roti rotis rots rpm sac sacra sacrist sacs saith samosa samp samps sap sapor sapors sapota sapotas saps sarcasm sarcoma sarcomas sari saris saros sash sat sati satis satori satoris satrap satraps scam scamp scampi scampish scampo scamps scams scar scarp scarph scarphs scarps scars scart scarts scat scats scatt scatts schism schist schmo schmos sciara scop scops scoria scot scotia scotias scots scram scrams scrap scraps scrim scrimp scrimps scrims scrip scrips script scripts scrota sh sha sham shamas shamois shamos shams sharia sharp sharps shat shim shims ship ships shirt shirts shist shit shits shmo shoat shoats shop shops short shortia shortias shorts shot shots shott shotts shri shrimp shrimps shris si sic sics sim sima simar simars simas simp simps sims sip sips sir sirs sis sisham sistra sit sitar sitars sitcom sitcoms sith sits smart smarta smarts smash smirch smit smith smiths so soap soaps soar soars soh som soma somas somata somatic sop soph sophism sophist sophs sops sora soras sori sort sorts sos sot soth soths sots sottish spa spahi spahis spait spaits spam spams spar spars spas spasm spastic spat spathic spats spic spica spicas spics spirt spirts spit spits sport sports spot spots sprat sprats sprit sprits sr sri sris stair stairs stamp stamps staph staphs star starch stars starship start starts stash stasima stat static statics statism stator stators stats stich stichs stir stirp stirps stirs stitch stoa stoai stoas stoat stoats stoic stoics stoma stomach stomachs stomas stomata stomatic stomp stomps stop stops stopt storm storms strait straits stramash strap straps strata stratas strath straths strati stria strict strip strips stript stroma stromata strop strophic strops ta tach tachism tachisms tachist tachists tachs tacit taco tacos tact tacts tahr tahrs taira tam tamari tamaris tamis tamp tamps tams tao taos tap tapa tapas tapioca tapiocas tapir tapirs tapis taps tar tarmac tarmacs taro taroc tarocs taros tarot tarots tarp tarps tars tarsi tarsia tarsias tart tartish tarts tas tass tat tatami tatamis tatar tatars tats thairm thairms tharm tharms that thio thir thiram thirams thirst thirsts this tho thoria thorias thoric thorp thorps thrip thrips thro throat throats ti tiara tiaras tic tics tip tipcart tipcarts tipcat tipcats tips tiro tiros tis tit tits to toast toasts toit toits tom tomcat tomcats toms top toph tophi tophs topi topic topics topis topmast topmasts tops tor tora torah torahs toras torc torch torcs tori toric tors torsi tort torts tosh toss tost tot totara tots trachoma trachomas tract tracts trait traits tram tramp trampish tramps trams trap traps trapt trash trass triac triacs tricot tricots trim trims trio trios trip tripos trips tritoma tritomas troat trois tromp tromps trop trophic tropic tropics tropism tropisms trot troth troths trots tsar tsarism tsarist tsaritsa tsars tsoris

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