1 Definitions of Censual

The meaning of the word censual, the definition of Censual:

a. - Relating to, or containing, a census.

The word "censual" uses 7 letters: A C E L N S U

Direct anagrams of censual:

lacunes launces unlaces

Words formed by adding one letter before or after censual, or to censual in any order:

d - unscaled   e - nuclease   h - launches   i - lunacies   o - lacunose   p - cleanups   r - lucarnes   s - scalenus  

Shorter words found within censual:

ace aces acne acnes ae al ale alec alecs ales als an ane anes anus as can cane canes cans case caul caules cauls cause cel cels cl clan clans clause clean cleans clue clues cue cues cul cuneal eau ecu ecus el elan elans els en ens es la lac lace laces lacs lacune lance lances lane lanes las lase launce lea lean leans leas lens leu luce luces lues luna lunas lune lunes na nae ne nu nus sac sae sal sale sane sau sauce saul scale scan scena sea seal sec sel sen slue sue sun ulan ulans ulna ulnae ulnas un uncase uncle uncles unlace uns unseal us usance use usnea

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