10 Definitions of Coast

The meaning of the word coast, the definition of Coast:

n. - To draw or keep near; to approach.

n. - To sail by or near the shore.

n. - To sail from port to port in the same country.

n. - To slide down hill; to slide on a sled, upon snow or ice.

v. t. - The side of a thing.

v. t. - The exterior line, limit, or border of a country; frontier border.

v. t. - The seashore, or land near it.

v. t. - To draw near to; to approach; to keep near, or by the side of.

v. t. - To sail by or near; to follow the coast line of.

v. t. - To conduct along a coast or river bank.

The word "coast" uses 5 letters: A C O S T

Direct anagrams of coast:

ascot coats costa tacos

Words formed by adding one letter before or after coast, or to coast in any order:

c - accost coacts   d - octads   e - costae   i - coatis costia scotia   l - costal   m - mascot   n - cantos cotans octans   p - coapts   r - actors castor costar scrota tarocs   s - ascots coasts   t - cottas  

Shorter words found within coast:

act acts as at cast cat cats coat cos cost cot cots oast oat oats oca ocas os otc sac sat scat scot so sot stoa ta taco tao taos tas to

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