1 Definitions of Concentrative

The meaning of the word concentrative, the definition of Concentrative:

a. - Serving or tending to concentrate; characterized by concentration.

The word "concentrative" uses 13 letters: A C C E E I N N O R T T V

No direct anagrams for concentrative found in our database.

Shorter words found within concentrative:

accent accentor accrete accretion accretive ace acentric acetic acetin acetone acetonic acne aconite acorn acre acronic acrotic act actin actinon action active actor ae aeon aeonic aerie aero ai ain air airn airt ait aiver an ancient ancienter ancon ancone ane anent ani anion anoint anointer anon anorectic anoretic ant ante antevert anti antic antre aortic ar arc arco arctic are areic arenite arete ariette aroint art arvo at ate atone atoner atonic att attic attire attorn ave aver avert avion avo avocet cacti cain cairn can cancer cane caner canine canner cannie cannier cannot canoe canon canonic cant canteen canter cantic canto canton cantor car care careen caret carn carnet carnie carnotite carotene carotin cart carte carton carve carven cat cate cater cation cattie cattier cave caver cavern cavetti cavetto cavicorn cavie cavort cc ceca cee cenote cent centai centare centavo center centiare centner cento centra centre centric cerate ceratin cerci cere ceria ceric cerite cero cerotic cert certain cervine cetane cete ci ciao cicero cicerone cicoree cine cion circa cire citator cite citer citrate citron cittern cive civet coact coactive coat coatee coater coati coca cocain cocaine cocinera cocreate coenact coerce coercive coerect coin coiner cointer coinvent coir con conative concave conceit conceive conceiver concent concenter concentrate concentre concern concert concerti concertina concrete cone coni conic conin conine conn connate connect connecter connective conner connive conniver contact contactee contain container conte content contra contract contractive contravene contrite contrivance contrive convect convene convener convent convert convict convince convincer cor core coria corn cornea corneae cornet cornice cortin cortina corvee corvet corvette corvina corvine cot cotan cote cotenant coterie cotta cottae cottar cotter cottier cove coven covenant covenanter cover covert covet coveter covin cran crane crate craton cratonic crave craven create creatin creatine creation creative crenate crenation cretic cretin cretonne crevice croc crocein croceine croci crocine crone ctene cv ear earn eat eaten eater eave ecarte eccrine ectatic en enact enactive enactor enate enatic enation encina encore enervation enter entera enteric enteron entertain entia entice enticer entire entrain entrance entrant entreat entric envier environ envoi eon eonian er era ere erect erection erica ern erne erotic erotica et eta etic etna eve evection even event eventration ever evert evict evictor evince evite ic icaco ice icon ie in inane inaner incant incenter increate inert inn innate inner innervate innerve innovate inro intact intent inter interact intern interne internet interocean into intonate intone intoner intort intranet intrant intreat intro intron invar invent inventer inventor invert invocate ion ionate iota ira irate ire iron irone it iterance iterant iterate iv iva na nacre nae naevi naive naiver naivete nan nance naoi narc narcein narceine narco narcotic naric narine nation native natron natter nattier nave navette navicert ne near neat neaten neater necrotic nectar nectarine nee nene neo neon neonate neotenic neoteric nerita nervate nervation nerve nervine net nett netter nettier neve never nevi nice nicer nictate niece nieve nine niner nit nite niter niton nitrate nitre nitro no nocent noetic noir non nona nonart nonce noncreative none nonet nonreactive nor nori noria norite not nota notate note noter notice noticer nova novae novate novena novenae novice oar oat oaten oater oca ocean oceanic ocrea ocreae ocreate octan octane octant octave octet oe on once one ontic or ora orate orc orca orcein orcin ore orectic orective orient orientate ornate ort otc otic ottar otter ova ovate oven over overact overate overeat overneat overnice overt ovine race racon rain ran rance ranee rani rant rat rate ratine ratio ration ratite rato ratteen ratten ratton rave raven ravin ravine re reaccent react reaction reactive reanoint reave rec recane recant recce recco recent recite recoin recon reconnect recontact reconvict reconvince recta recti recto ree reenact rei rein reinvent reive renin renitent rennet renovate rent rente renvoi ret retain rete retention retia reticent retie retina retinae retine retint rev revenant revet revoice revote ria riant rice ricotta rin riot rite rive riven rivet roan roc roe rot rota rotate rotative rote roti rotte rotten rove roven ta tace tacet tacit taco taconite tacrine tact tactic taction tae tain taint tan tanner tannic tanrec tanto tantric tao tar tare tarn taro taroc tarot tart tat tate tater tav tavern te tea tear teat tec tecta tectonic tee teen ten tenace tenant tenet tenia teniae tenner tenno tenon tenoner tenor tenorite tenrec tent tenter tentie tentier terai terce tercet tern ternate terne ternion tertian tet tetanic tetra tetri ti tic tictac tictoc tie tier tierce tin tinct tine tinea tinner tint tinter tire tiro tit titan titer titre to toccate toe toea toit ton tone toner tonetic tonic tonier tonne tonner tontine tor tora torc tore tori toric torn tort torte torten tot tote toter trace tract traction tractive train trainee trait trance trave treat trecento tree treen tret trevet triac trice tricot triene trine trio trite triton tritone trivet troat trona trone trot trove tv vac vaccine vaccinee vain vainer vair van vane vanner var vat vatic vector vee veena veer vein veiner vena venae venatic venation veneration venetian venin venine venire vent venter vera verite vernation vernonia veronica vert vet veteran veto vetoer vi via viator vicar vice victor vie vier vina vinca vine vino vintner vireo vita vitae vitta vittae voe voice voicer vote voter

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