1 Definitions of Concretionary

The meaning of the word concretionary, the definition of Concretionary:

a. - Pertaining to, or formed by, concretion or aggregation; producing or containing concretions.

The word "concretionary" uses 13 letters: A C C E I N N O O R R T Y

No direct anagrams for concretionary found in our database.

Shorter words found within concretionary:

accent accentor accretion ace acentric acetic acetin acetonic acne aconite acorn acre acronic acrotic act actin actinon action actor ae aeon aeonic aero aery ai ain air airer airn airt airy ait an ancient ancientry ancon ancone ane anent ani anion annoy annoyer anoint anointer anon anorectic anoretic ant ante anterior anti antic antre any anyone aortic ar arc arco arctic are areic arity aroint aroynt arroyo art artery artier arty at ate atone atoner atonic atony ay aye ayin cacti cain cairn cairny can cancer cane caner canine canner cannery cannie cannier cannot canny canoe canon canonic canonry cant canter cantic canto canton cantor canty canyon car care carer caret carn carnet carney carnie carny carotin carr carrion carrot carrotin carroty carry carrycot carryon cart carte carter carton cartoon cartoony caryotin cat cate cater cation cay cc ceca cecity cent centai cento centra centric ceratin cerci ceria ceric cero cerotic cert certain ci ciao cicero cine cinerary cion circa cire cirrate cite citer citron city coact coaction coactor coat coater coati coca cocain cocaine cocinera coco cocoa cocreator coenact coercion coin coiner cointer coir con conation conceit concent concern concert concerti concertina concertino concerto concretion cone coney coni conic conin conine conn connate connect connector conner connote contain container conte conto contra contrary cony coo cooer cooey coon cooncan coontie coot cooter cootie cor coranto core corer coria corn cornea corner cornet cornetcy cornice cornier corny corona coronae coronary coronate coroner coronet correct correction corrie cortin cortina cory cot cotan cote coy coyer coyote cran crane cranny crate crater craton cratonic crayon creatin creation creator crenation cretic cretin crier croc crocein croci crocine crocoite crone crony croon crooner crore croton cry cryonic cryotron cyan cyanic cyanin cyanine cyanite cyano cyanotic cynic cyton ear earn eat en enact enactor enactory enatic enation encina enroot entia entrain entric entry eon eonian er era erica ern erotic erotica err errancy errant erratic et eta etic etna eyra eyrir ic icaco ice icetray icon icy ie in inane inaner incant incony incorrect inerrancy inerrant inert inn innate inner inro inter intern into intone intoner intro intron ion ionate ionone iota ira irate irater ire iron irone ironer irony it na nacre nae nan nance nancy naoi narc narcein narco narcotic naric narine nary nation natron nay ne near neat necrotic nectar nectary neo neocon neon neotony nerita net nice nicer nicety nine niner ninety nit nite niter nitery niton nitre nitro no nocent noetic noir non nona nonactor nonart nonce none nonerotic nonet nonreactor nonrioter noo noon nor nori noria norite not nota notary note noter notice noticer notion oar oat oaten oater oca ocean oceanic ocrea octan octane octonary octroi oe on once one onery onion oniony ontic onto oocyte oorie oot or ora orate oration orator oratory orc orca orcein orcin ore orectic oreo orient ornate ornery orra orrice ort otc otic oy oyer raccoon race racer racier racon racoon racy rain rainy ran rance rancor rani rant ranter rare rarity rat rate rater ratine ratio ration rato ratoon ratooner ray rayon re react reaction reactor reanoint rear rec recant recco reccy recoin recon recta recti recto rector rectory rei rein renin rent reran ret retain retia retiary retina retorn retrain retro retry ria riant rice ricer ricrac rin riot rioter rite roan roar roc roe roneo ronion ronyon root rooter rootier rooty rot rota rotary rote roti roto rotor rya rye ryot ta tace taco tacrine tae tain tan tanner tannery tannic tannoy tanrec tao tar tare tarn taro taroc tarre tarry te tea tear teary tec ten tenancy tenia tenno tenon tenor terai tern ternary ternion terra terrain terry ti tic tie tier tin tine tinea tinner tinny tiny tire tiro to toe toea ton tone toner toney tonic tonier tonne tonner tony too toon tor tora torc tore torero tori toric torn toro torr tory toy toyer toyo toyon trace tracer tracery train trainer trance tray trey triac trice tricorn tricorne trier trinary trine trio trocar trona trone troy try tycoon tye tyer tyin tyne tyrannic tyre tyro tyronic ya yar yare yarer yarn yarner ye yea yean year yearn yen yenta yet yeti yin yince yirr yo yon yoni yonic yore yr

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