2 Definitions of Contractility

The meaning of the word contractility, the definition of Contractility:

n. - The quality or property by which bodies shrink or contract.

n. - The power possessed by the fibers of living muscle of contracting or shortening.

The word "contractility" uses 13 letters: A C C I I L N O R T T T Y

No direct anagrams for contractility found in our database.

Shorter words found within contractility:

acini acinic aclinic aconitic acorn acronic acrotic acrylic act actin actinic action actor acyl acyloin ai ail ain aioli air airily airn airt airy ait al alit aliyot alnico aloin alt alto an ani anil anility ant anti antic anticity anticly antiriot any aortic ar arc arco arctic aril arity aroint aroynt art artily arty aryl at atilt atonic atonicity atony atrocity att attic attorn attrition ay ayin cacti cain cairn cairny calico calo caloric calory can cant cantic canto cantor canty car carl carlin carn carny carol caroli carotin cart carton caryotin cat cation cationic catlin cattily catty cay cc ci ciao cilantro cilia ciliary cion circa cirio citation citator citatory citola citral citric citrin citron city cl clan clarion clarity claro clary clay clinic clit clitic clitoric clon clonic clonicity clot clotty cloy coact coal coaly coat coati coca cocain coil coin coir coital col cola colic colicin colin colitic colt coltan coly con conciliar coni conic conical conicity contact contra contract contrail cony cor coral coria corn cornily corny cortical cortin cortina cory cot cotan cotta cottar coy cran craton cratonic crayon critic critical croc croci crony crotal crottal cry cryonic cyan cyanic cyanitic cyano cyanotic cyclo cynic cynical cytol cyton iatric ic icaco icily icon iconic iconical ictal ictic icy ii il ilia iliac in inia inlay inly inro intact inti into intort intricacy intro introit ion ionic iota ira iron ironic ironical irony it italic la lac laconic lactic lactonic lacy laic lain lair laity lar lari larn lat lati latinity latino lattin lay li liar licit lictor lii lin linac lino lint linty liny lion lira liri lirot lit litai litany litotic lo loan loca loci loin loir lontar loran lorica lorn lory lot lota loti lotic lyart lyric lytic lytta na nail naoi narc narco narcotic naric nary nattily natty nay nicol nil nit nitric nitril nitro nitrolic nitty no noil noily noir nor nori noria noritic not nota notal notary oar oat oca octal octan octant octyl oil oilcan oily ola on only ontic or ora oral orality orc orca orcin ort otc otic otitic ottar oy racily racon racy rail rain rainily rainy ran rani rant rat ratio ration ratlin rato rattly ratton ratty ray rayon ria rial rialto riant riantly ricin ricotta rictal rin riot riyal roan roc roil roily rot rota roti rotl royal rya ryot ta tacit tacitly taco tact tactic tactility taction tail tailor tain taint talc tali talion talon tan tanto tantric tao tar tarn taro taroc tarot tart tartly tarty tat tattily tatty ti tic tical tictac tictoc til tilt tin tincal tinct tinctorial tinily tint tiny tirl tiro tit titan titanic titi titian titrant titration titty tiyin to toil toit tola tolan tolar ton tonal tonality tonic tonicity tony tor tora torc tori toric torii torn tort tory tot total totality toy tract traction trail train trait tray triac trial tricot trinal trinity trio triol triton troat trona trot trotyl troy try tyin tyrant tyro tyronic ya yar yarn yin yo yon yoni yonic yr yttria yttric

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