1 Definitions of Corresponsive

The meaning of the word corresponsive, the definition of Corresponsive:

a. - Corresponding; conformable; adapted.

The word "corresponsive" uses 13 letters: C E E I N O O P R R S S V

No direct anagrams for corresponsive found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after corresponsive, or to corresponsive in any order:

g - overprocessing  

Shorter words found within corresponsive:

cee cees cense censer censers censes censor censors cep cepe cepes ceps cere ceres ceresin cerise cerises cero ceros cervine cess cession ci cine cines cion cions cire cires cirrose cis cive coin coiner coiners coins coir coirs con cone cones conessi coni conies conioses cons conserve conserver conservers conserves conspire conspires converse converser conversers converses coo cooee cooees cooer cooers coon coons coop cooper cooperies coopers coops coos cop cope copen copens coper copers copes copier copiers copies coprisoner coprisoners cops copse copses cor core coreopsis corer corers cores corn corner corners cornier corns coroner coroners corp corps corpse corpses corrie corries corrosive corrosives cors corse corses corvee corvees corves corvine cos coses cosie cosier cosies cosine cosines coss cove coven covens cover coverer coverers covers coves covin covins cps creep creeps crepe crepes crepier crepon crepons cress cresson crier criers cries cripe cripes cris crises crisp crispen crispens crisper crispers crisps crone crones cronies croon crooner crooners croons crop crops crore crores crosier crosiers cross crosse crosser crossover cv ecesis en encopresis encore encores enosis ens envier enviers envies envoi envois eon eons eosin eosine eosines eosins epic epics epos eposes er ere erepsin erepsins ern erne ernes erns eros erose eroses erosion erosions erosive err errs ers erses es eses espies ess essoin eve even evens ever eversion eversions eves evince evinces ic ice ices icon icones icons ie in incorpse incorpses incross inro ins inverse inverses ion ions ire ires iron irone ironer ironers irones irons is isoprene isoprenes iv ne necropsies necrose necroses necrosis nee neep neeps neo nereis nerve nerves nervier ness neve never neves nevi nice nicer niece nieces nieve nieves nip nips no noes noesis noir noirs noise noises noo noose nooser noosers nooses nope nor nori noris nos nose noses nosier novice novices oe oes on once onces one onerier ones ons oops oorie op ope open opener openers opens operon operons operose opes opine opines ops opsin opsins opsonic or orc orcein orceins orcin orcins orcs ore oreo ores orison orisons ornis orpin orpine orpines orpins orrice orrices orris orrises ors os oscine oscines ose oses osier osiers ossein oven ovens over overcrop overcrops overnice overprice overprices overprocess overripe overs overspin overspins ovine ovines ovonic ovonics pe pec pecorino pecorinos pecs pee peen peens peer peers pees pein peins peise peises pen pence penes penis penises pens pensive peon peones peonies peons per pereion pereon peri peris pernio perries perron perrons perse perses person persons perversion perversions pes peso pesos pi pic pice pics pie piece piecer piecers pieces pier pierce piercer piercers pierces piers pies pin pincer pincers pine pines pins pion pioneer pioneers pions pirn pirns pis pisco piscos piso pisos piss pisser poco pocosin pocosins poesies poi pois poise poiser poisers poises poison poisoner poisoners poisons ponce ponces pone pones ponies pons poon poons poor poorer poori pooris poorness poove pooves porc porcine porcino pore pores porn pornier porno pornos porns porose pose poser posers poses posies posse precensor precensors precess precession precis precise preciser precises pree preen preens prees prerinse prerinses prescore prescores prese press presser pressor previse previses previsor previsors price pricer pricers prices prier priers pries prince princes princess princesse prion prions prior prioress priors prise prisere priseres prises prison prisoner prisoners prisons priss pro process procession processor prone pros prose proser prosers proses prosier proso prosos pross prossie prove proven prover provers proves province provinces proviso provisoes provisos psi psis re rec recess recession recipe recipes recoin recoins recon recons recopies recover recovers recross recs ree rees rei rein reins reis reive reiver reivers reives renvoi renvois reopen reopens rep repin repine repiner repiners repines repins repo repos repose reposer reposers reposes repress repression reprice reprices reprise reprises repro reprocess repros reprove reproves reps rerise rerisen rerises rerose res rescore rescores resin resins resorcin resorcins respire respires response responsive rev revers reversion reversions reverso reversos revise reviser revisers revises revisor revisors revoice revoices revs rice ricer ricers rices riever rievers rin rins rinse rinser rinsers rinses rip ripe ripen ripener ripeners ripeness ripens riper ripes rips rise risen riser risers rises rive riven river rivers rives roc rocs roe roes roneo roose rooser roosers rooses rope roper roperies ropers ropes ropier ropiness roscoe roscoes rose roseries roses rosier rosin rosins rove roven rover rovers roves scene scenes scion scions scone scones scoop scooper scoopers scoops scop scope scopes scops score scorer scorers scores scorn scorner scorners scorns scorper scorpion scorpions scree screen screens screes scries scrieve scrieves scrip scrips scrive scrivener scriveners scrives scroop scroops sec secern secerns secs see seen seep seeps seer seers sees sei seine seiner seiners seines seis seise seiser seisor sen sene senecio senecios senior seniors senor senores senors sens sense sensor sepic ser sere serein sereins serer seres series serin serine serines serins serries sers serve server servers serves service servicer servicers services servo servos seven sevens sever severs si sic sice sices sics sieve sieves sin since sincere sincerer sine sines sinoper sins sip sipe sipes sips sir sire siree sirees siren sirens sires sirree sirrees sirs sis sise siver sivers sneer sneers snip snipe sniper snipers snipes snips snoop snooper snoopers snoopier snoops snore snorer snorers snores so soever soiree soirees son sone sones sonic sonics sons sonsie sonsier soon sooner sooners sop sopor sopors sops sorceries sorcerise sore sorer sores sori sorn sorner sorners sorns sos spec specie species specs speer speers speir speirs speise spence spencer spencers spences spense spic spice spicer spicers spices spics spier spiers spies spin spine spines spinor spinors spinose spins spire spires spiv spivs sponsor spoon spoonier spoonies spoons spoor spoors spore spores spree sprees sprier sr sri sris vee veep veeps veer veers vees vein veiner veiners veins venire venires venose verier vernier verniers verse verser versers verses versine versines version versions verso versos vesper vespers vespine vi vice vices vie vier viers vies vine vines vino vinos viper vipers vireo vireos vires viroses vis viscose vise vises visor visors voces voe voes voice voicer voicers voices

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