crappies is a valid word. For a definition, see the external dictionary links below.

The word "crappies" uses 8 letters: A C E I P P R S

Direct anagrams of crappies:


Words formed by adding one letter before or after crappies, or to crappies in any order:

e - praecipes   r - pericarps scrappier   t - crappiest  

Shorter words found within crappies:

ace aces acre acres ae ai air airs ais ape aper apers apes apices apprise apres apse ar arc arcs are areic ares arise ars arse as asci asp asper aspic aspire cap cape caper capers capes capper cappers capris caps car care cares caries carp carpi carps cars carse case cep ceps ceras ceria cerias ci cire cires cis cps crap crape crapes crappie craps cries cripe cripes cris crisp ear ears epacris epic epicarp epics er era eras erica ericas ers es escar escarp ic ice ices ie ira ire ires is pa pac pace pacer pacers paces pacs pair pairs paise pap paper papers paps par pare pares paries paris pars parse parsec pas pase pe pea pear pears peas pec pecs pep peps per peri peris perp perps pes pi pia pias pic pica picas pice pics pie pier piers pies pip pipe piper pipers pipes pips pis praise prase precis prep preps presa price prices pries prise psi race races raise rap rape rapes raps ras rase rasp re reap reaps rec recap recaps recs rei reis rep repp repps reps res ria rias rice rices rip ripe ripes rips rise sac sae saice sap sapper sappier sari scape scar scare scarp scrap scrape scrapie scrip sea sear sec secpar sei sepia sepic ser sera serac serai si sic sice sip sipe sipper sir sire spa space spacer spacier spae spar spare spear spec speir spic spica spicae spice spicer spier spire spirea sr sri

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