1 Definitions of Crystallizing

The meaning of the word crystallizing, the definition of Crystallizing:

p. pr. & vb. n. - of Crystallize

The word "crystallizing" uses 13 letters: A C G I I L L N R S T Y Z

No direct anagrams for crystallizing found in our database.

Shorter words found within crystallizing:

acing acini act actin acting actings actins acts acyl acyls ag agility agin agist agly ai ail ailing ails ain ains air airily airing airings airn airns airs airt airting airts airy ais ait aits al algin algins align aligns alist alit all allicin allicins allis alls ally allying als alt alts an angrily angry angst ani anil anility anils anis anisic ant anti antic anticly antics antis ants antsy any ar arc arcing arcs arcsin argil argils argyll argylls aril arils arising arity ars art articling artily arts artsy arty aryl aryls as asci astir at ay ayin ayins ays cagily cagy cain cains cairn cairns cairny call calling callings calls can cans canst cant cants canty car caring carl carlin carling carlings carlins carls carn carns carny cars cart carting carts casing casini cast casting castling cat catlin catling catlings catlins cats cay cays cgs ci cig cigar cigars cigs cilia cilial ciliary cis cist citing citral citrals citrin citrins city cl clag clags clan clang clangs clans clarity clary clast clay claying clays clinal cling clings clingy clit clits crag crags cran crating crazily crazing crazy cris crista cristal cry crying crystal crystalizing cyan cyans cyrilla cyst czar czarist czars gaily gain gainly gains gainst gait gaits gal gall gallic galls gally gals gan gantry gar gari garlic garlics garni gars gas gaslit gast gastric gastrin gat gats gay gays giant giants gill gills gilly gilt gilts gin gins girl girls girly girn girns girt girts gist git gits glacis glair glairs glairy glans glary glazy glia glial glias glint glints glitz glitzy glycan glycans glycin glycins gnar gnarl gnarls gnarly gnars gnat gnats gracilis gracility grail grails grain grains grainy gran granitic grans grant grants grat gratin gratins gratis gray grays grill grills grin grins grisly grist gristly grit grits gyral gyri iatric ic icily icing icings ictal icy ii il ilia iliac ilial ill ills illy in incisal inga inia inlay inlays inly ins inst instal install instar instil instill intagli inti intis ira iring iris is isatin islay isling it italic italics its izar izars la lac lacily lacing lacings lacs lacy lag lags laic laics lain lair lairing lairs laity lang lar lari laris larn lars laryngitic laryngitis las lasing last lasting lastingly lastly lat lati lats lay laying lays lazily lazing lazy lazying li liang liangs liar liars licit licitly ligan ligans lii lilac lilacs lilt lilting lilts lily lin linac linacs ling linga lingas lings lingy lins lint lints linty liny lira liras liri lis list listing lit litai litany litas lits liza lyart lying lyings lyric lyrical lyricist lyrics lyrist lysin lysing lytic na nag nagi nags nail nails narc narcist narcs naric naris nary nastic nastily nasty nay nays nazi nazis ng nigra nil nilgai nilgais nill nills nils nisi nit nitric nitril nitrils nits racily racing racings racist racy rag ragi ragis rags rail railing railings rails rain rainily rains rainy raisin raising raisiny rally rallying rallyings rallyist ran rang rangy rani ranis rant rants ras rasing rat rating ratings ratlin ratlins rats ray raying rays razing ria rial rials riant riantly rias ricin ricing ricins rictal rig rigs riling rill rilling rills rin ring rings ringtail ringtails rins rising ritz ritzily ritzy riyal riyals rya ryas sac sacring sag sagy sail sailing sain saint saintly sal salic salicin salinity sall sally sallying salt saltily salting salty sang sanity santir sari sarin sat sati satin sating satiny satiric satyr satyric say saying scag scaling scall scaly scan scant scantily scantly scanty scar scarily scaring scart scarting scary scat scilla scintilla scrag scry scrying si sial sialic sic sigil sign signal signally silica sill silly silt silting silty sin sing singly sir siring sit sitar siting sizar sizing sizy slag slain slang slangily slangy slant slanty slat slating slaty slay slaying slicing slily sling slit sly snag snail snarl snarly snit sr sri stag stagily stagy staig stain stair staling stall stalling stang star staring starling stay staying still stilling stilly sting stingily stingray stingy stir strain strang stray straying stria strigil string stringy sty stygian stying stylar styli styling stylizing syli syn sync syringa ta tag tags tail tailing tailings tails tain tains talc talcing talcs tali tall tallis tally tallying tan tang tangly tangs tangy tans tansy tar taring tarn tarns tars tarsi tas ti tic tical ticals tics til tiling tilings till tilling tills tils tin tincal tincals ting tingly tings tinily tins tiny tiring tirl tirling tirls tis tiyin tracing tracings tragi tragic tragics trail trailing trails train trains trans tray trays triac triacs trial trials triazin triazins tricing trig trigly trigs trill trilling trills trinal try trying trysail tsar tyin tying tyring tzar tzars ya yagi yagis yang yangs yar yarn yarns yill yills yin yins yr zag zags zanily zany zayin zayins zig zigs zill zills zin zinc zincs zincy zing zingari zings zingy zins zit ziti zitis zits

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