7 Definitions of Develop

The meaning of the word develop, the definition of Develop:

v. t. - To free from that which infolds or envelops; to unfold; to lay open by degrees or in detail; to make visible or known; to disclose; to produce or give forth; as, to develop theories; a motor that develops 100 horse power.

v. t. - To unfold gradually, as a flower from a bud; hence, to bring through a succession of states or stages, each of which is preparatory to the next; to form or expand by a process of growth; to cause to change gradually from an embryo, or a lower state, to a higher state or form of being; as, sunshine and rain develop the bud into a flower; to develop the mind.

v. t. - To advance; to further; to prefect; to make to increase; to promote the growth of.

v. t. - To change the form of, as of an algebraic expression, by executing certain indicated operations without changing the value.

v. t. - To cause to become visible, as an invisible or latent image upon plate, by submitting it to chemical agents; to bring to view.

v. i. - To go through a process of natural evolution or growth, by successive changes from a less perfect to a more perfect or more highly organized state; to advance from a simpler form of existence to one more complex either in structure or function; as, a blossom develops from a bud; the seed develops into a plant; the embryo develops into a well-formed animal; the mind develops year by year.

v. i. - To become apparent gradually; as, a picture on sensitive paper develops on the application of heat; the plans of the conspirators develop.

The word "develop" uses 7 letters: D E E L O P V

No direct anagrams for develop found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after develop, or to develop in any order:

e - develope   s - develops  

Shorter words found within develop:

de dee deep del dele delve dev devel dl do doe dol dole dope dove ed eel el eld elope eloped epode eve led lede lee lev levo lo lode lop lope loped love loved lv od ode oe old ole op ope oped pdl pe ped pee peed peel pel pele pled plod pod pol pole poled vee veep veld voe vole voled

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