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The meaning of the word doe, the definition of Doe:

n. - A female deer or antelope; specifically, the female of the fallow deer, of which the male is called a buck. Also applied to the female of other animals, as the rabbit. See the Note under Buck.

n. - A feat. [Obs.] See Do, n.

The word "doe" uses 3 letters: D E O

Direct anagrams of doe:


Words formed by adding one letter before or after doe, or to doe in any order:

a - odea   b - bode   c - code coed deco   d - eddo   f - feod   g - doge   h - hoed ohed   l - dole lode   m - demo dome mode   n - done node   p - dope oped   r - doer dore redo rode   s - does dose odes   t - dote toed   v - dove   w - owed   z - doze  

Shorter words found within doe:

de do ed od oe

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