8 Definitions of Doublet

The meaning of the word doublet, the definition of Doublet:

a. - Two of the same kind; a pair; a couple.

a. - A word or words unintentionally doubled or set up a second time.

a. - A close-fitting garment for men, covering the body from the neck to the waist or a little below. It was worn in Western Europe from the 15th to the 17th century.

a. - A counterfeit gem, composed of two pieces of crystal, with a color them, and thus giving the appearance of a naturally colored gem. Also, a piece of paste or glass covered by a veneer of real stone.

a. - An arrangement of two lenses for a microscope, designed to correct spherical aberration and chromatic dispersion, thus rendering the image of an object more clear and distinct.

a. - Two dice, each of which, when thrown, has the same number of spots on the face lying uppermost; as, to throw doublets.

a. - A game somewhat like backgammon.

a. - One of two or more words in the same language derived by different courses from the same original from; as, crypt and grot are doublets; also, guard and ward; yard and garden; abridge and abbreviate, etc.

The word "doublet" uses 7 letters: B D E L O T U

No direct anagrams for doublet found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after doublet, or to doublet in any order:

n - unbolted   r - troubled   s - doublets  

Shorter words found within doublet:

be bed bedu bel belt bet bled blet bleu blot blue blued bluet bo bod bode bold bole bolt bolted bot botel boule bout bud but bute buteo butle butled de deb debt debut del delt dl do doe dol dole dolt dot dote double doubt dub due duel duet duo ed el eld et lb led let leu leud lo lob lobe lobed lode lot loud lout louted lube lubed lude ludo lute luted obe od ode oe old ole oud out outed te ted tel to tod toe toed told tole toled tolu tub tube tubed tule udo ult ut

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