2 Definitions of Earthbound

The meaning of the word earthbound, the definition of Earthbound:

adj.all - confined to the earth

adj.all - lacking wit or imagination

The word "earthbound" uses 10 letters: A B D E H N O R T U

No direct anagrams for earthbound found in our database.

Shorter words found within earthbound:

ab abed abet abhor abo abode abort aborted abound about abut ad ade ado adobe adore adorn ae aeon aero ah an and ane anode another ant ante anted anther antre ar arb arbute ardeb ardent are around art at ate atone atoned atoner aunt author authored auto autoed ba bad bade bah baht ban band bander bandore bane baned banter bar bard barde bare bared barn baron baronet bartend bat bate bated bath bathe bathed bather baton baud be bead bean beano bear beard beat beau beaut bed bedu ben bend bent berth bertha bet beta beth bethorn beton bhut bo boa boar board boart boat boated boater bod bode bodhran bohea bond bonder bone boned boner bonheur bora borane borate borated bore bored born borne bort bot bota both bother bound bounder bourn bourne bout bra brad brae bran brand brant brat bread breadnut breadth breath bred bren brent bro broad broaden broth brunet brunt brut brute bruted bud buhr bun buna bund bundt bunt bunted bunter bur bura buran burd burden buret burn burned burnet burnt burthen burton but butane bute buteo dab dah darb dare darn dart date dater dato daub daube dauber daunt daunter daut de dean dear dearth death deb debar debt debtor debut dehorn dehort den denar dent derat detour dhurna do doat dobra doe doer doeth doh don dona donate done donut dor dore dot dote doter doth doubt doubter dour doura dourah drab drat drone drouth drub dub due duet duh dun dune dunt duo dura dure durn duro ear earn earth eat eath eau ebon ed edh eh en end enduro eon er era ern et eta eth etna euro ha habu had hade hadron hae haed haen haet hand handout hant hanted hao hard harden hare hared hart hat hate hated hater hatred haunt haunted haunter haut haute he head hear heard heart heat hen hent her herb herd hern hero heron het ho hoar hoard hob hod hoe hoed hoer hon honda hone honed honer hora horde horn horned hornet hot hotbed hound hounder hour hr hub hue hued hun hunt hunted hunter hurt hut na nab nabe nae nah nard nardo nature natured ne near neat neath neb neo nerd net no nob nod node noh nor north not nota note noted noter nother nth nu nub nude nuder nurd nut oar oared oat oaten oater oath obdurate obe obeah obtrude obtund od ode odea oe oh ohed on one or ora orad orate orated orb orbed ore oread ornate ort other oud our out outbred outdare outearn outed outer outhear outheard outran outre outread rad radon rah ran rand rant ranted rat rate rated rath rathe rato re read readout reb rebato reboant rebound rebut red redan redo redon redoubt redout redub rehab rend rent ret rhea rho road roan rob roband robe robed rod rode rodent roe rondeau rot rota rote rotund rotunda roue rouen round rout route routed routh rub rubato rube rude rue rued run rune runt rut ruth ta tab taber tabor tabored tabour taboured tabu tabued tabun tad tae tahr tan tao tar tardo tare tared tarn taro tau tauon te tea tear ted ten tend tenor tenour tern thae than thane the then thenar tho thorn thorned thou thoued thread thro throb throe throne throned thru thud thunder to toad tod toe toea toed ton tone toned toner tor tora torah tore torn tour toured trad trade tread trend trod trode trona trone true trued tub tuba tubae tube tubed tuber tun tuna tundra tune tuned tuner turban turbaned turbo turd turn turned udo uh un unbar unbated unbathed unbe unbear unbred unde under undo undoer unearth unhat unheard unrated unread unrobe unrobed unthread unto untread untrod urate urb urban urbane urd urea uredo urethan urn ut uta

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