1 Definitions of Echography

The meaning of the word echography, the definition of Echography:

noun.act - using the reflections of high-frequency sound waves to construct an image of a body organ (a sonogram)

The word "echography" uses 10 letters: A C E G H H O P R Y

No direct anagrams for echography found in our database.

Shorter words found within echography:

ace ache achy acre ae aero aery ag age ager ago ah ahoy ape aper apery ar arc arch arco are ay aye cage cager cagey cagy cap cape caper caph capo car care cargo carhop carp cay cep cero chao chap chape char chare charge charpoy chary chay cheap cheapo chop chore chorea cog cop cope coper copra coprah copy cor core corp cory coy coyer crag crap crape crepy crop cry cypher cypre each ear echo ego eh eparch eparchy epha ephah ephor epoch er era erg ergo eyra gae gap gape gaper gapy gar gay gayer gear gerah gey gherao go goa goer gopher gor gore gorp gory goy grace grape grapey graph grapy gray grey grope gyp gyre gyro ha hae hag hah hao hap hare harp harpy hay hayer he heap hear heh hep her hero hey hg ho hoagy hoar hoary hoe hoer hog hop hope hoper hora horah hoy hoya hr hyp hype hyper hypha hyphae hypo hypogea oar oca ocher ochery ochre ochrea ochry ocrea oe ogre oh op opah ope opera or ora orach orache orc orca ore orgy oy oyer pa pac pace pacer page pager pah par parch pare pareo parge pargo pay payer payor pe pea peach peachy peag pear pec pech peg peh per perch phage poach poacher poachy pogey pogy poh porc porch pore porgy prao pray preach preachy prey pro proa prog pry pya pye pyre race racy rag rage rah rap rape raphe ray re reach reap rec recap recopy reg rep repay repo rhaphe rhea rho roach roc roe rope ropey rophy ropy rya rye ya yager yah yap yar yare ye yea yeah year yech yeh yep yo yoga yogh yore yr

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