1 Definitions of Ectomorphy

The meaning of the word ectomorphy, the definition of Ectomorphy:

noun.attribute - slender, weak, and lightweight

The word "ectomorphy" uses 10 letters: C E H M O O P R T Y

No direct anagrams for ectomorphy found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after ectomorphy, or to ectomorphy in any order:

h - phytochrome  

Shorter words found within ectomorphy:

cep cero cert chemo cheroot chert cherty chomp chomper chop chore chrome chromo chyme cm coempt coho cohoe cohort come comer comet cometh comp compo comport compote compt comte coo cooer cooey coop cooper coopery coopt coot cooter cop cope coper copter copy cor core corm corp cory cot cote cotype coy coyer coyote crept crepy crop cry crypt crypto cyme cypher cypre echo echt ectomorph eh em emptor empty ephor epoch er et etch eth he hector hem hemp hempy hep her herm hero het hey hm ho hoe hoer home homeport homer homey homo homy hooey hoop hooper hoot hooter hooty hop hope hoper hot hoy hr hyp hype hyper hypo hyte me mercy met meth metro mho mo moc moo mooch moocher moor moory moot mooter mop mope moper mopery mopey mopy mor more morph morpho mort mot mote motey moth mother mothery mothy motor mph my myope myth ocher ochery ochre ochry oe oh ohm oho om omer oocyte ooh oomph oophyte oot op ope opt or orc ore oreo ort ortho orthoepy otc other oy oyer pct pe pec pech peh per perch perm pert pet phooey phot photo pht poco poem poet poetry poh pom pome pooch pooh poor porc porch pore port pot pother prey pro proem prom promo promote proto pry pye pyre re rec recopy recto rem rep repo repot ret retch rho rhyme roc rochet roe rom romeo romp room roomy root rooty rope ropey rophy ropy rot rotch rotche rote roto rpm rye ryot te tec tech techy temp tempo tepoy term the them theory therm they tho thoro thorp thorpe thro throe thy thyme to tocher toe tom tome too toom top tope toper toph tophe tor torc torch torchy tore toro tory toy toyer toyo trey troche tromp trompe troop trop trope trophy troy try tye tyer type typo tyre tyro ye yech yeh yep yet yo yom yore yr

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