3 Definitions of Effloresce

The meaning of the word effloresce, the definition of Effloresce:

v. i. - To blossom forth.

v. i. - To change on the surface, or throughout, to a whitish, mealy, or crystalline powder, from a gradual decomposition, esp. from the loss of water, on simple exposure to the air; as, Glauber's salts, and many others, effloresce.

v. i. - To become covered with a whitish crust or light crystallization, from a slow chemical change between some of the ingredients of the matter covered and an acid proceeding commonly from an external source; as, the walls of limestone caverns sometimes effloresce with nitrate of calcium in consequence of the action in consequence of nitric acid formed in the atmosphere.

The word "effloresce" uses 10 letters: C E E E F F L O R S

No direct anagrams for effloresce found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after effloresce, or to effloresce in any order:

d - effloresced   s - effloresces  

Shorter words found within effloresce:

cee cees cel cels ceorl ceorls cere ceres cero ceros cf cl clef clefs close closer coff coffee coffees coffer coffers coffle coffles coffs col cole coles cols cor core cores corf cors corse cos creel creels creese creole creoles cresol eel eels ef eff effs efs el elf els else er ere eros erose ers es feces fee feel feeler feelers feels fees fer fere feres flee fleece fleecer fleecers fleeces fleer fleers flees floc flocs floe floes foe foes for force forces fore forefeel forefeels fores foresee free frees fresco fro froe froes lee leer leers lees lo lore lores lose loser oe oes of off offer offers offs ole oles or orc orcs ore ores orle orles ors os ose re rec recs ree reef reefs reel reels rees ref refeel refeels refel refels refs res resee resole roc rocs roe roes role roles rolf rolfs rose scoff scoffer score scree sec see seel seer sel self ser sere serf sloe so socle sol sole sore sorel sr

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