1 Definitions of Eigenvalue

The meaning of the word eigenvalue, the definition of Eigenvalue:

noun.cognition - (mathematics) any number such that a given square matrix minus that number times the identity matrix has a zero determinant

The word "eigenvalue" uses 10 letters: A E E E G I L N U V

No direct anagrams for eigenvalue found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after eigenvalue, or to eigenvalue in any order:

s - eigenvalues  

Shorter words found within eigenvalue:

ae ag age agee agene agile agin aglee ague ai ail ain al ale alee alevin algin alien alienee align aline alive alvine an ane anele angel angle ani anil anile anvil ave avenge avenue eagle eau eave eel egal el elain elan eleven eluvia en eng eugenia euglena evangel eve even evil gae gaen gain gal gale gan gane ganev gaun gave gavel gean gee gel gelee gen gene geneva genial genie genu genua gie gien gin give given glaive glean glee glen glia glue gnu guan guile guinea gul gula gun guv ie iglu il ilea in inga ingle inula iv iva la lag lagune lain lane lang langue lav lave laving lea league lean leave leaven leaving lee leg lei leu lev leva levee leveeing levin li liane liang lie liege lien lieu lieve ligan ligne lin linage line lineage ling linga lingua linguae liv live liven lug luge luna lune lung lunge lungee lungi luv lv lvi na nae naevi nag nagi nail naive nave navel ne nee neve nevi ng nieve nil nilgau nival nu ugli ulan ulna ulnae ulva un unagile unai unlive unveil uvea uveal vagi vagile vague vail vain vale valine value valuing van vane vang vau veal vealing veau vee veena veg vegan vegie veil vein veinal veinule vela vena venae venal venge venial venue venula venule vi via vial vie vig viga vile vina vinal vine vineal vug

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