1 Definitions of Electrodynamometer

The meaning of the word electrodynamometer, the definition of Electrodynamometer:

noun.artifact - measuring instrument that uses the interaction of the magnetic fields of two coils to measure current or voltage or power

The word "electrodynamometer" uses 18 letters: A C D E E E E L M M N O O R R T T Y

No direct anagrams for electrodynamometer found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after electrodynamometer, or to electrodynamometer in any order:

s - electrodynamometers  

Shorter words found within electrodynamometer:

ace aced acetone acetyl acetylene acme acne acned acnode acold acolyte acorn acre acred acrodont acronym act acted actor acyl ad ade adeem adenyl admen ado adore adorer adorn adorner ae aeon aero aerodrome aerodyne aerometer aeronomer aeronomy aery al alder aldermen ale alec alee alert alerted alerter alme almner almond almoner almonry aloe alone alt alter altered alterer alto am ameer amelcorn amen amend amender ament amerce amerced amercement amercer ammeter ammo ammocete ammono amole amoretto amort amyl amylene an and ane anecdote anele aneled anemometer anemometry anode anole anolyte anomy ant ante antecede anted anteed antemortem anteroom antler antlered antre any anymore ar arc arced arco ardency ardent ardently ardor are areole arere arete arm armed armer armet armlet armor armored armory army arnotto aroynt aroynted arroyo art artel artery arty aryl at ate atm atmometer atole atom atomy atone atoned atoner atony att attend attendee attender attorn attorned attorney ay aye cad cade cadent cadet cadre caldron calender calenderer calm calmed calmer calo calory calotte caloyer cam came camel cameleer cameo cameoed camlet camo can candle candler candor candy cane caned caner canoe canoed canoodle cant canted canter cantered cantle canto cantor canty car card carder cardoon cardroom care cared careen careened careener career careered carer caret carl carle carmen carn carnet carney carny carol caroled caroler carom caromed carotene carr carrel carrom carromed carrot carroty carry carryon cart carte carted cartel carter carton cartoned cartoon cartooned cartoony cat cate cater catered caterer catted cattery cattle cattlemen catty cay cd cedar cedarn cede ceder cee cel celadon celery celom celoma celt cement cementa cemented cementer cemetery cenote cent cental centare center centered cento centra central centraler centre centred centromere ceorl cerate cerated cere cereal cered cerement ceremony cermet cero cert cetane cete cl clad clade clam clammed clammer clammy clamor clamored clamorer clan claret claro clary clatter clattered clatterer clattery clay clayed claymore clean cleaned cleaner clear cleared clearer cleat cleated clement cleome clod clon clone cloned cloner cloot clot clotted clotty cloy cloyed cm coal coaled coaler coaly coat coated coatee coater coattend cod coda code coden coder codon coed coelentera coelenterate coelom coelomate coelome coenamor coenamored coeternal col cola colander cold colder cole colead coleader coled colon colone colony color colorant colored colorer colorman colormen colt coltan colter coly coma comade comae comal comate come comedo comedy comely comer comet cometary comma command commandeer commander commandery commando commend commendatory commender comment commentary commentate commentated commentator commented commode common commonalty commoner commonly commy comrade comradely comradery comte con condo condole condoler condom condor condylar condyle condyloma cone coned conelrad coney conte conto contort contorted contra contralto contrary control cony coo cooed cooee cooeed cooer cooey cooeyed cool coolant cooled cooler cooly coon coot cooter cor coral coranto cord cordate cordately corder cordon core cored coredeem corelate corelated corer corm cormel cormorant corn cornea corneae corneal corned cornel corner cornered cornet cornmeal corny corody coromandel corona coronae coronal coronary coronate coronated coronel coroner coronet coroneted corotate corotated corrade corral correlate correlated corrode corrody cory cot cotan cote coted cotta cottae cottar cotter cottered cotton cottoned cottony cotyledon coy coyed coyer coyol coyote cradle cradler cram crammed crammer cran crane craned crate crated crater cratered craterlet craton crayon crayoned cream creamed creamer creamery creamy create created creator cred credal credent credo creed creedal creel creeled cremate cremated cremator crematory creme crenate crenated crenel crenelate crenelated creneled creodont creodonta creole cromorne crone crony croon crooned crooner crore crotal croton crottal crottle cry cryometer cryotron ctene cyan cyano cyder cyma cymae cymar cyme cymene cymol cytol cyton dace dacryon dactyl daemon dal dale dalo dalton dam dame dammer damn damner dance dancer dare darer darn darnel darner dart darter dartle date dater dato datto day dayroom de deacon deaconry deal dealer dealt dean deanery dear dearer dearly deary dec decal decameter decametre decane decant decanter decare decay decayer decelerate decelerator decenary decent decenter decently decentre decern declare declarer deco decolor decontrol decor decorate decorator decoy decoyer decree decreer decrement decremental decretal decretory decry dee deem deer deet del delate delator delay delayer dele delete delt delta deme demean demeanor dement demeton demo democrat demon demonolatry demote demy den denar denary dene denote dent dental dentate deny derat derate deray dere derm derma dermal dermatome derry detect detecter detector detent detente deter determent deterrence deterrent deterrently detonate detonator detract detractor dey dl dm do doat doc docent doctor doctoral doctorate doe doer dol dolce dole dolma dolman dolmen dolor dolt dom domal dome don dona donate donator done donee donor doolee dooly doom doomy door doorman doormat doormen dor dore dorm dormancy dormant dormer dormy dorr dorty dory dot dotal dote doter dotrel dottel dotter dotterel dottle dottrel dotty doty doyen dram drat dray draymen dream dreamer dreamt dreamy drear dreary dree drey drome dromon drone droner drool drooler dry dryer drylot dye dyer dynamo dynamometer dynamotor dyne dynel ealdormen ear eared earl earldom early earn earned earner eat eaten eater eatery ecarte eclat economy ecotonal ecotone ectoderm ectodermal ectomere ed edema edental edentate eel eely eery el elan eland elate elated elater eld elder elect elected electee elector electorate electret electro electrode electroed electrometer electron element elementary elm elmy elodea elytra elytron em emcee emceed eme emeer emeerate emend emendate emender emerald emerod emery emmer emmet emote emoted emoter emyd emyde en enact enacted enactor enactory enamel enameled enameler enamor enamored enate encode encoder encore encored end endarterectomy endear ender enema enemy enlace enlaced enol enorm enrol enroot enrooted enter entera enteral entered enterer enterocoel enterocoele enterotomy entoderm entodermal entreat entreated entreaty entrecote entree entry eon er era ere erect erected erecter erectly erector ern erne erode erodent err errancy errand errant errantly erred et eta etalon etcetera eternal eterne etna etodolac etyma etymon eye eyed eyelet eyeletted eyen eyer eyne eyra eyre la lac lace laced lacer lacey lactone lacy lad lade laden lader ladron ladrone lady lam lame lamed lament lamented lamenter lamer lammed lance lanced lancer lancet lanceted land lander lane lar larcener larceny lard larder lardon lardoon lardy laree larn lat late latecomer lated lateen lateener laten latency latened latent later latte latten latter lay layed layer layered layette laymen lcm lea lead leaden leader leadmen leady lean leaned leaner leant lear learn learned learner learnt leary lectern lector led lede lee leer leered leery leet leman lemma lemon lemonade lemony lend lender leno lent lento leone leotard lerot let letted letter lettercard lettered letterer letterman lettermen ley lm lo load loader loam loamed loamy loan loaned loaner loca locate located locater locator loco locoed lode loden loment lomenta lone loner lontar loo looed looey loom loomed loon looney loony loot looted looter loran lord lordoma lore lorn lorry lory lot lota lotte lotted lottery lotto lyard lyart lycea lycee lye lyrate lyrated lyre lytta lyttae ma mac mace maced macer macle macled macon macro macromere macron mad made madly madmen madre madrone madrono mae male maleo malm malmy malodor malt malted malty mamey mamo man mandrel mane maned manly mano manometer manometry manor manroot mantel mantelet mantle mantled mantlet many mar marc marcel mare marl marled marly marmot maroon marooned marred marron marry mart marted marten martlet martyr martyrdom martyred mat mate mated matelot matelote mater matey matron matronly matt matte matted mattedly matter mattered mattery may mayed mayo mayor me mead meal mealy mean meander meaner meanly meant meany meat meated meatmen meaty med medal medlar medley meed meet meeter meetly mel melamed melanocyte meld melder melee melena melodeon melody melon melt melted melter melton mem meme memento memo memory men menace menaced menacer menad mend mender meno menta mental mentor mentored mercenary mercer mercery mercy merde mere merely merer merl merle merlon merlot merman mermen meronym merry met meta metacenter metacentre metal metaled metamer metamere metate mete meted meteor meter metered metonym metre metred metro metronome mettle mettled ml mm mo moa moan moaned moaner moat moated moc mod modal mode model modeler modem moderate moderately moderato moderator modern moderne moderner modernly mol mola molar mold molder moldy mole molt molted molten molter molto moly mom mome moment momenta momentary momently momento momot mon monad monal monde mondo monetary money moneyed moneyer mono monocle monocled monocrat monocyte monody monoecy monolatry monolayer monomer monometer monotreme monte montero mony moo mood moody mooed mool moola mooley moon mooned mooneye moonlet moony moor moored moorland moory moot mooted mooter mor mora morae moral morale moratory moray mordancy mordant mordantly mordent more moreen morel morn moron morro mort mortal mortar mortared mortary mot mote motel motet motey motley motleyer motmot motor motorcade motorcar motored motorman motormen mott motte mottle mottled mottler motto my mycele mycetoma myeloma mylodon mym myna myoma myotome myrtle na nacre nacred nae naled nam name named namely namer narc narco nard nardo nardoo nary natter nattered natty nay ne near neared nearer nearly neat neater neatly nectar nectary nee need needer needle needler needy neem nema nematode neo nerd nerdy nerol net nett netted netter nettle nettled nettler nettly netty nm no nod nodal node noel nolo nom noma nomad nome noo noodle nor norm normal normalcy normed not nota notal notary notate notated note noted notedly noter noyade oar oared oat oaten oater oca ocean ocelot ocrea ocreae ocreate octad octal octameter octan octane octanol octant octet octonary octyl od ode odea odeon odometer odometry odonate odor odorant odyl odyle oe oedema oenomel ola old olden older oldy ole olea oleander oleate oleo olm om omelet omelette omen omened omenta omental omer omerta on once one onery only onto oocyte oot or ora oracle orad oral orate orated orator oratory orc orca ordeal order orderly ordo ore oread oreo orle ormer ornate ornately ornery orometer orra ort ortolan otc ottar otter otto ottoman oy oyer race raced raceme racemed racer raclette racon racoon racy rad radome radon rale ram ramee ramen ramet rammed rammer rammy ramrod ran rance rancor rancored rand random randomly randy ranee rant ranted ranter rare rared rarely rat rate rated ratel ratemeter rater rato ratoon ratooned ratooner ratted ratteen ratten rattened rattener ratter rattle rattled rattler rattly ratton rattoon rattooned ratty ray rayed rayon re react reacted reactor read reader readerly readorn ready real realer realm realter realtered realtor realty ream reamed reamer rear reared rearm rearmed rec recane recaned recant recanted recanter recede recent recenter recently reclad reclame reclean recleaned recoal recoaled recode recolor recolored recommend recommendatory recon record recrate recrated recreant recreate recreated recta rectal recto rector rectorate rectory red redact redactor redan redate redcoat rede redear redecorate redeem redeemer redeny redeye redly redo redolence redolent redon redone redream redreamt redroot redry redye ree reearn reearned reed reedmace reedman reedmen reedy reel reelect reelected reeled reeler reenact reenacted reenactor reenter reentered reentry reerect reerected relace relaced relate related relater relator relay relayed relearn relearned relearnt relend relent relented relet reletter relettered reload reloader reloan reloaned relocate relocated relocatee rely rem remade reman remand remate remated remedy remeet remelt remelted remend remet remodel remolade remold remora remote remotely remoter renal rename renamed rend render rent rental rente rented renter reran reread ret retard retardent rete reteam reteamed retear retem retene retold retool retooled retore retorn retort retorted retrace retraced retract retracted retral retread retreat retreated retro retroact retroacted retrocede retronym retry retted reynard road roadeo roam roamed roamer roan roar roared roc rod rode rodent rodeo rodman rodmen roe role rom roman romance romanced romancer romano romeo rondel rondelet rondo roneo rood room roomed roomer roomette roommate roomy root rooted rooter rootle rootlet rooty rot rota rotameter rotary rotate rotated rotator rotatory rote rotl roto rotor rotte rotted rotten rottener rottenly rotter royal rya rye rynd ryot ta tace tacet tacnode taco tact tad tae tael talc talced tale talent talented taler talon taloned tam tame tamed tamely tamer tammy tan tandem tandoor tanrec tanto tao tar tardo tardy tardyon tare tared tarn taro taroc tarot tarre tarred tarry tart tarted tarter tartly tarty tat tate tater te tea teal team teamed tear teared tearer tearoom teary teat teated tec tecta tectal ted tee teed teel teem teemed teemer teen teener teeny teeter teetered tel tela telae telamon telco tele telecom teleman telemen telemeter telemetry teleonomy teleran telnet telneted telome telomere ten tenace tend tender tenderer tenderly tenderometer tendrac tenet tenor tenotomy tenrec tent tentacle tentacled tented tenter tentered tenty terce tercel tercelet tercet teredo terete term termed termer termly termor tern ternary ternate ternately terne terra terrace terraced terrae terrane terreen terrene terret terry tet tetany tetra tetrad tetramer tetrode tetryl to toad toady tod today tody toe toea toed toetoe tola tolan tolane tolar told tole toled toledo tolerance tolerant tolerate tolerated tolerator tom toman tomato tomatoey tomcat tomcod tome tomenta tommed tommy tommyrot ton tonal tondo tone tonearm toned toneme toner toney tonlet tonometer tonometry tony too tool tooled tooler toom toon toot tooted tooter tootle tootled tootler tor tora torc tore toreador torero torment tormented tormenter tormentor torn tornado toro torot torr torrent tort torte torten tory tot total totaled tote toted totem toter toy toyed toyer toyo toyon trace traced tracer tracery tract tractor trad trade trader tram tramel trameled trammed trammel trammeled trance tranced tray treacle treacly tread treader treadle treadler treat treated treater treaty trecento tree treed treelet treen trematode tremolo tremor trend trendy tret trey troat trocar trod trode troland trommel trona trone trot trotyl troy try tryma tycoon tye tyee tyer tyne tyned tyrant tyre tyred tyro tyrolean ya yald yam yamen yammer yammered yammerer yar yard yarder yardmen yare yarer yarn yarned yarner yatter yattered ye yea yean yeaned year yearend yearn yearned yearner yeld yen yenta yente yeoman yeomen yet yett ylem yo yod yodel yodeler yodle yodler yom yon yond yonder yore yr

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