2 Definitions of Emaciation

The meaning of the word emaciation, the definition of Emaciation:

n. - The act of making very lean.

n. - The state of being emaciated or reduced to excessive leanness; an excessively lean condition.

The word "emaciation" uses 10 letters: A A C E I I M N O T

No direct anagrams for emaciation found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after emaciation, or to emaciation in any order:

s - emaciations  

Shorter words found within emaciation:

aa ace aceta acetin acini acme acne aconite act acta actin actinia actiniae action ae aecia aeon aeonic ai aim ain ait am ama amain amen amenia ament amentia ami amia amice amici amie amin amine aminic amino amnia amnic amnio amniote amniotic an ana anaemic anatomic ane anemia anemic ani anima animate animato anime animi anoa anomia anomic anomie ant anta antae ante anti antic at ate atm atma atman atom atomic atone atonia atonic caeoma caiman caimito cain cam came cameo camion camo can cane canoe cant canto cat cate catena cation cent centai centimo cento ci ciao cine cinema cion cite cm coat coati coin coinmate coma comae comate come comet comitia comte con cone coni conima conte cot cotan cote eat em emic emit en enact enatic encomia entia eon et eta etamin etic etna ic ice iceman icon ie ii imine imino in incite income inia inmate inti intima intimae intime into ion ionate ionic iota it item ma mac mace macon mae main man mana manat mane mania maniac manic manioc manioca manito mano manta mantic mat matai mate matin me mean meant meat mei meiotic men meno menta met meta metic mi mica mice mien min mina minae mince mine mini miniate mint miotic mite mo moa moan moat moc mon monie monte mot mote na nae nam name naoi ne neat nema nematic neo net nice nim nit nite nm no noetic nom noma nome nomia not nota note notice oat oaten oca ocean octan octane oe om omen omenta omit on once one ontic otc otic ta tace taco tae taenia tain tam tame tamein tan tao te tea team tec ten tenia ti tic tie time tin tine tinea to toe toea tom toman tome ton tone tonemic tonic

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