emanations is a valid word. For a definition, see the external dictionary links below.

The word "emanations" uses 10 letters: A A E I M N N O S T

No direct anagrams for emanations found in our database.

Shorter words found within emanations:

aa aas ae aeon aeonian aeons ai aim aims ain ains ais ait aits am ama amain amas amen amenia amens ament amentia amentias aments ami amia amias amie amies amin amine amines amino amins amis amnesia amnia amnio amnion amnions amnios amniote amniotes amosite an ana anas anatomies anatomise ane anemia anemias anenst anent anes ani anima animas animate animates animato anime animes anion anions anis anise anna annas annates anoa anoas anoint anoints anomia anomie anomies anon anosmia ansa ansae ansate ant anta antae antas ante antes anti antiman antimeson antis ants as asea at ate ates atm atma atman atmans atmas atom atomies atomise atoms atone atones atonia atonies east eat eats em emanation emit emits ems en enation enations ens entasia entia eon eonian eonism eons eosin es et eta etamin etamins etas etna etnas ie in inane inanes inanest inmate inmates inmost inn innate inns ins insane inseam inset inst into intone intones ion ionate ions iota iotas is ism it item items its ma mae maes main mains maist man mana manas manat manats mane manes mania manias manito manitos manna mannas mannite mannites mannose mano manos mans manse mansion manta mantas mantes mantis mas mason mast mat matai mate mates matin matins mats me mean means meant meat meats mei men meno mensa menta mention mentions mesa mesian meson mestino met meta metis mi mien miens min mina minae minas mine mines mint mints mis misate misatone mise miseat miso mist mite mites mo moa moan moans moas moat moats moist moisten mon monas monie monies monist mons montane montanes monte montes mos most moste mot mote motes mots ms na naan naans nae naiant nam name names nan nana nanas nanism nanomia nans naoi naos nasion nates nation nations ne neat neats neist nema nemas neo neon neons nest net nets nim nims nine nines nit nite nites niton nitons nits nm no noes noise nom noma nomas nome nomen nomes nomia nomina nominate nominates noms non nona nonas none nones nonet nonets nonmeat nos nose not nota note notes oast oat oaten oats oe oes om omasa omen omens omenta omit omits oms on onanism onanist one ones ons onset os ose ostia sae sain saint saman same samite sane santo sat sate satem sati satin sea seam seaman seat sei semi semina sen senna sennit sent senti sentimo set seta seton si sienna sim sima sin sine sit site smit smite smote snit snot so som soma soman somata some somite son sonant sonata sonatina sonatine sone sonnet sot stain stamen stamina stane stanine steam stein stem steno stime stoa stoae stoai stoma stone ta tae taenia taenias tain tains tam tame tamein tameins tames tamis tams tan tannia tans tao taos tas te tea team teams teas ten tenia tenias tennis tenno tenon tenons tens tension ti tie ties time times tin tine tinea tineas tines tinman tinmen tins tis tisane to toe toea toeas toes tom toman tomans tome tomes toms ton tone tones tonne tonnes tons tsine

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