1 Definitions of Embonpoint

The meaning of the word embonpoint, the definition of Embonpoint:

n. - Plumpness of person; -- said especially of persons somewhat corpulent.

The word "embonpoint" uses 10 letters: B E I M N N O O P T

No direct anagrams for embonpoint found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after embonpoint, or to embonpoint in any order:

c - bicomponent   s - embonpoints  

Shorter words found within embonpoint:

be ben benni bent bet beton bi bin bine bint bio biome biont biotope bit bite bm bo boite bone bonito bonne bonnet bonnie boo boom boon boot bootie bop bot bpi bpm ebon em emit emotion en entomb entomion eobiont eon et ie imp impone in inept inn into intomb intone ion ionone it item me mei men meno mention met metopion metopon mi mib mien min mine mint mite mo mob mon monie mono monte moo moon moot mop mope mot mote motion ne neb neo neon net netop nib nim nine nip nit nite niton nm no nob nom nome nomen nomoi non none nonet noo noon noontime nope not note notion obe obi obit oboe oe om omen omit on one onion onto oot op ope open opine opt optime option pe pein pen penni pent peon pet pi pie pimento pin pinbone pine pinon pinot pint pinto pion pit pitmen piton poem poet poi point pointe pointmen pom pome pone ponent pontine ponton poon pot potion potmen te temp tempi tempo ten tenno tenon tenpin ti tie time tin tine tinmen tip to toe tom tomb tome tompion ton tone tonne too toom toon top tope topi topoi

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