2 Definitions of Embroidery

The meaning of the word embroidery, the definition of Embroidery:

n. - Needlework used to enrich textile fabrics, leather, etc.; also, the art of embroidering.

n. - Diversified ornaments, especially by contrasted figures and colors; variegated decoration.

The word "embroidery" uses 10 letters: B D E E I M O R R Y

No direct anagrams for embroidery found in our database.

Shorter words found within embroidery:

be bed bedim bee beer beery bemire bemired berime berimed berm berme beroe berried berry bey bi bid bide bider bier bio biome bird birder bireme birr birred bm bo bod bode body border bore bored borer boride boy bred brede bree breed bride brie brier briery brim brio bro broider broidery brome bromid bromide brr by bye byre de deb debye dee deem deer deme demo demob demy derby dere derm derry dey dib die dim dime dimer dire direr dm do dobie doby doe doer dom dome dor dore dorm dormer dormie dormy dorr dory dree drey drib drier drome dry dryer dye dyer ed eery eide eider em embed ember embodier embody emborder embroider embryo embryoid eme emerod emeroid emery emir emyd emyde er ere erode err erred eye eyed eyer eyre eyrie eyrir id idem ie imbed imbody ire ired me med meed mei merde mere merer merry mi mib mid mir mire mired miro miry mo mob mod mode modi moire mor morbid more my myoid obe obey obeyed obeyer obi od ode oe om omber ombre omer or orb orbed orbier orby order ore oreide ormer oy oyer rbi re reb rebid rebody rebore rebored rebred red rede redo redry redye ree reed reedy reembody rei rem remedy remorid rib ribeye rid ride rider rim rime rimed rimer rimy rob robe robed rod rode roe rom rye ye yid yird yirr yirred yo yob yod yom yore yr

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