2 Definitions of Emigration

The meaning of the word emigration, the definition of Emigration:

n. - The act of emigrating; removal from one country or state to another, for the purpose of residence, as from Europe to America, or, in America, from the Atlantic States to the Western.

n. - A body emigrants; emigrants collectively; as, the German emigration.

The word "emigration" uses 10 letters: A E G I I M N O R T

No direct anagrams for emigration found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after emigration, or to emigration in any order:

l - meliorating   n - germination   r - remigration   s - emigrations  

Shorter words found within emigration:

ae aegir aeon aero ag age agent ager agin agio ago agon agone ai aigret aim aimer aiming ain air airing airmen airn airt airtime airting ait am amen ament ami amie amigo amin amine amino amir amnio amniote among amorini amort an ane anger ani anime animi anomie ant ante anti antre ar are argent argon argot arm armet arming aroint art at ate atm atom atone atoner ear earing earn eat eating ego em emigrant emir emit emoting en enamor eng engirt engram enigma enorm entia eon er era erg ergo ergot eringo ern et eta etamin etna gae gaen gain gainer gait gaiter gam game gamer gamier gamin gamine gan gane gar gari garment garnet garni garote gat gate gator gean gear gem gemot gen genii genitor genoa genom genro gent germ german germina get geta giant gie gien gin girn giro giron girt git gitano gm gnar gnat gnome go goa goat goer goiter goitre gone goner gonia gor gore got grain gram gran granite grant grat grate gratin gratine great grim grime grin griot grit groan groat groin grot ie ignite igniter ignitor ignorami ignore ii image imager imagine imaginer imago imaret imine imino in inarm inert inertia inga ingate ingot ingrate inia inmate inro inter interim inti intima intimae intime into intro ion ionate iota ira irate ire iring iron irone it item iteming ma mae mag mage magi magnet magneto magot maiger maigre main mair man mane mange manger mangier mango manito mano manor mantiger mar mare marengo marge margent margin marine mart marten martin marting martini mat mate mater matin mating matron me mean meant meat meg megaton mei men meno menta mentor merino merit meriting met meta meting metring metro mg mi mien mig migraine migrant migrate migration min mina minae minaret mine miner minge mingier mini miniate minor mint mintage minter mintier mir mirage mire miri miring miro mite miter mitering mitier mitogen mitre mitring mo moa moan moaner moat moating mog moira moirai moire mon monger monie montage monte mor mora morae moraine more morgan morganite morgen morn mort mot mote na nae nag nagi nam name namer naoi ne near neat negator negro nema neo nerita net ng nigra nim nit nite niter nitre nitro nm no nog noir nom noma nome nomia nor nori noria norite norm not nota note noter oar oaring oat oaten oater oe ogam ogre om omega omen omenta omer omerta omit on onager onagri one or ora orang orange orate orating ore organ orgeat orient origami origan origin originate ornate ort rag rage ragi ragmen ragtime raiment rain ram ramen ramet rami ramie ran rang range rani rant rat rate ratine rating ratio ration rato re reagin ream reaming reg regain regina region regma regna rei reign rein rem remain reman remating remint remit renig rent ret retag retain retia retiming retina ria riant rig rigatoni rim rima rime riming rin ring riot rioting rite roam roaming roan roe rom romaine roman rot rota rote roti ta tae tag tain tam tame tamein tamer taming tan tang tangier tango tangor tao tar tare targe taring tarn taro te tea team teaming tear tearing teg tegmina ten tenia tenor terai terga term terming termini tern ti tie tieing tier tiering tiger tigon time timer timing tin tine tinea ting tinge tinier tire tiring tiro to toe toea toeing tog toga togae tom toman tome ton tone tonearm toner tong tonga tonger tonier tor tora tore tori torii torn tragi train tram triage trig trigo trigon trim trine trio trona trone

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