1 Definitions of Emmetropic

The meaning of the word emmetropic, the definition of Emmetropic:

a. - Pertaining to, or characterized by, emmetropia.

The word "emmetropic" uses 10 letters: C E E I M M O P R T

No direct anagrams for emmetropic found in our database.

Shorter words found within emmetropic:

cee cep cepe cere cerite cermet cero cert cete ci cire cite citer cm coempt coir come comer comet commie commit comp compeer compere compete compt comte cop cope coper copier copter cor core corm corp cot cote coterie creep creme crepe crept crime crimp cripe crop em eme emetic emic emir emit emmer emmet emote emoter empire emptier emptor epic epimer epitome er ere erect erotic et etic ic ice ie imp import importee ire it item me meet mei mem meme memo memoir mere merit meropic met mete meteor meteoric meter metic metier metope metopic metre metric metro mi mice micro mim mime mimeo mimer mir mire miro mite miter mitre mm mo moc moire mom mome momi mop mope moper mopier mor more mort mortice mot mote oe om omer omit op ope opt optic optime or orc ore ort otc otic pct pe pec pee peer per peri perm permit pert pet peter pi pic pice picometer picometre picot picotee pie piece piecer pier pierce pit poem poet poetic poi pom pome pommee pommie porc pore port pot pree premie price prim prime primo pro proem prom protei re rec receipt recept recipe recite recommit recti recto ree reemit rei rem remet remit remote rep repo repot ret rete retem retie retime rice rim rime riot rip ripe rite roc roe rom romp rope rot rote roti rpm te tec tee teem temp temper tempi tempo terce term ti tic tie tier tierce time timer tip tire tiro to toe tom tome top tope topee toper topi topic tor torc tore tori toric tree trice trim trio trip tripe tromp trompe trop trope tropic

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