1 Definitions of Empowering

The meaning of the word empowering, the definition of Empowering:

p. pr. & vb. n. - of Empower

The word "empowering" uses 10 letters: E E G I M N O P R W

No direct anagrams for empowering found in our database.

Shorter words found within empowering:

eger ego em eme emigre emir empire empower en eng enorm enow eon epigon epigone epimer er ere erenow erg ergo eringo ermine ern erne ewe ewer gee gem gen gene genie genip genom genome genre genro germ germen gie gien gimp gin ginep gip gipon girn giro giron gm gnome go goer gone goner gor gore gorp gown gree green grew grim grime grin grip gripe gripmen groin grope grow grown ie ignore imp impone impower impregn in inro ion ire iron irone me meg mei men meno meow meowing mere merge merino mew mewing mg mi mien mig min mine miner minge minor mir mire miro mo mog moire mon monger monie mop mope moper mopier moping mor more moreen morgen morn mow mower mowing mown ne nee neem neep negro neo new newer newie ng ngwee nim nip nm no nog noir nom nome nope nor nori norm now oe ogee ogre om omen omer on one op ope open opener opine oping or ore orpin orpine ow owe owing own owner pe pee peeing peen peer peering peg pein pen pengo peon per pereion pereon peri perigon perigone perm perming pernio pew pi pie pier pig pigeon pin pine ping pinger pingo pinworm pion pioneer pirn pirog pirogen poem poi pom pome pone pong pongee pore poring porn pow power powering pree preeing preen premen premie prig prim prime primo prion pro proem prog prom promine prone prong prow re ree reg regime regimen region rei reign rein rem renew renig reopen rep repeg repin repine repo rewin rewon rig rim rime rin ring rip ripe ripen roe rom romp romping rope roping row rowen rowing rpm we wee ween weep weeping weer weiner weir wen were wiener wig wigeon wimp win wine wing winger wino wipe wiper wire wiremen wo woe wog women won wop wore worm worming worn wpm wren wring wrong

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