12 Definitions of Empty

The meaning of the word empty, the definition of Empty:

n. - An empty box, crate, cask, etc.; -- used in commerce, esp. in transportation of freight; as, "special rates for empties."

superl. - Containing nothing; not holding or having anything within; void of contents or appropriate contents; not filled; -- said of an inclosure, as a box, room, house, etc.; as, an empty chest, room, purse, or pitcher; an empty stomach; empty shackles.

superl. - Free; clear; devoid; -- often with of.

superl. - Having nothing to carry; unburdened.

superl. - Destitute of effect, sincerity, or sense; -- said of language; as, empty words, or threats.

superl. - Unable to satisfy; unsatisfactory; hollow; vain; -- said of pleasure, the world, etc.

superl. - Producing nothing; unfruitful; -- said of a plant or tree; as, an empty vine.

superl. - Destitute of, or lacking, sense, knowledge, or courtesy; as, empty brains; an empty coxcomb.

superl. - Destitute of reality, or real existence; unsubstantial; as, empty dreams.

v. t. - To deprive of the contents; to exhaust; to make void or destitute; to make vacant; to pour out; to discharge; as, to empty a vessel; to empty a well or a cistern.

v. i. - To discharge itself; as, a river empties into the ocean.

v. i. - To become empty.

The word "empty" uses 5 letters: E M P T Y

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em et me met my pe pet pye te temp tye type ye yep yet

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