2 Definitions of Enchanting

The meaning of the word enchanting, the definition of Enchanting:

a. - Having a power of enchantment; charming; fascinating.

p. pr. & vb. n. - of Enchant

The word "enchanting" uses 10 letters: A C E G H I N N N T

No direct anagrams for enchanting found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after enchanting, or to enchanting in any order:

o - nonteaching  

Shorter words found within enchanting:

ace acetin ache aching acing acne act actin acting ae ag age agent agin ah ai ain ait aitch an ancient ane anent ani ant ante anteing anti antic antigen anting at ate cage cain can cane canine caning cannie canning cant canthi canting cat cate cent centai chain chaine chang change chant chanting chat cheat cheating chi chia chin china chine chit ci cig cine cite each eat eath eating eching echt eh eight en enact enacting enatic enchain enchant encina eng enhancing entia et eta etch etching eth ethic ethnic etic etna gae gaen gahnite gain gait gan gane gannet gat gate gean gen genic gent gentian get geta ghat ghi giant gie gien gin git gnat gnathic ha hae haeing haen haet hag hance hang hant hanting hat hate hating he heat heating hen henna hennaing hent henting het hg hi hic hie hin hinge hint hit ic ice ich ie in inane incage incant inch inga ingate inn innate it itch na nae naething nag nagi nah nan nance nannie natch ne neat neath neigh net ng nice niche nigh night nine ninth nit nite nth ta tace tach tache tae tag tain tan tang tannic tannin tanning te tea teach teaching tec tech teg ten tench tenia thae than thane the theca thegn thein then thin thine thing ti tic tie tin tine tinea ting tinge

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