1 Definitions of Encouraged

The meaning of the word encouraged, the definition of Encouraged:

imp. & p. p. - of Encourage

The word "encouraged" uses 10 letters: A C D E E G N O R U

No direct anagrams for encouraged found in our database.

Shorter words found within encouraged:

ace aced acne acned acnode acorn acre acred acrogen ad ade ado adore adorn adunc ae aeon aero aerugo ag age aged agee agene ager ago agon agone agree agreed aground ague an and ane anger angered anode ar arc arced arco are argon argue argued around augend auger cad cade cadge cadger cadre cage caged cager can candor candour cane caned caner cangue canoe canoed car card care cared careen cargo carn cd cedar cedarn cede ceder cee cere cered cero cod coda code coden coder codger coed coendure coenure cog con cone coned conga congaed conge congee congeed conger cor cord cordage core cored corn cornea corneae corned cornu cornua coude cougar courage crag cran crane craned cred credo creed crone crud crude crunode cud cue cued cur curd cure cured curn dace dag dago dance dancer dang danger dare darn de deacon dean dear dec decagon decane decare decern deco decor dee deer den denar dene dengue derange dere deuce dg do doc doe doer dog doge dogear don dona done donee dong donga dor dore douce dour doura drag dragee dragon dree dreg drogue drone drug duce due dug dun dunce dune dung dungaree duo dura durance dure durn duro duroc eager eagre ear eared earn earned eau ecru ecu ed edge edger educe egad eger ego en encage encaged encode encoder encore encored encourage end endear ender endue endure enduro eng enrage enraged enure enured eon er era ere erg ergo ern erne erode erugo euro gad gae gaed gaen gan gander gane gar garcon garden gaud gaun gaur gean gear geared ged gee geed gen gender gene genera genoa genre genro genu genua geode gerund gnar gnu go goa goad god goer gonad gone goner gor gore gored gourd gourde grace graced grad grade gran grand grandee gree greed green grenade groan groaned ground grue guaco guan guano guar guard gude guerdon gun na nacre nacred nae nag narc narco nard nardo ne near neared nee need negro neo nerd ng no nod node nog nor nu nude nuder nudge nudger nurd oar oared oca ocean ocrea ocreae od ode odea oe ogee ogre on onager once one or ora orad orang orange orc orca ore oread organ oud ounce our ourang race raced racon rad radon rag rage raged ragee ran rance rand ranee rang range ranged re read rec recane recaned recode recon red redan rede redo redon redone reduce ree reed reg regna rend renegado road roan roc rod rode roe rogue rogued rondeau roue rouen rouge rouged round rude rue rued rug ruga rugae run rune rung udo un unaged uncage uncaged unco unde undee under underage undergo undo undoer uneager ungeared ungraced unread urd urea uredo urge urged urn

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