1 Definitions of Enculturation

The meaning of the word enculturation, the definition of Enculturation:

noun.act - the adoption of the behavior patterns of the surrounding culture

The word "enculturation" uses 13 letters: A C E I L N N O R T T U U

No direct anagrams for enculturation found in our database.

Shorter words found within enculturation:

ace acetin acne aconite acorn acre acrolein act actin actinon action actor aculei acute acuter ae aeon aeonic aero ai ail aileron ain air airn airt ait al ale alec alencon alert aleuron aleuronic alien alienor aline aliner alit alnico aloe aloetic aloin alone alt alter alto alunite an ancient ancon ancone ane anent aneurin ani anil anile anion annul annulet annuli anoint anointer anole anon anoretic ant ante anti antic anticult antiulcer antler antlion antre anuretic anuric aortic ar arc arco are areic ariel aril aroint art artel article arui at ate atelic atilt atole atone atoner atonic att attic attire attorn attune auction aulic aunt auntie auntlier aurei auric auricle auteur auto autocue autotelic autunite cain cairn calo calorie calotte calutron can cane caner canine cannel canner cannie cannier cannoli cannot canoe canon cant canter cantle canto canton cantor car care caret cariole carl carle carlin carline carn carnet carnie carnotite carol caroli carotin cart carte cartel carton cat cate cater cation catlin cattie cattier cattle caul cauline caution ceil cel celt cent centai cental centaur cento centra central centu centurion ceorl ceratin ceria cero cert certain ci ciao cilantro cine cineol cion cire citator cite citer citola citole citral citrate citron cittern cl clan claret clarinet clarion claro clatter clean clear cleat client cline clit clitter clon clone cloner clot cloture clour clout clouter clue clutter coal coaler coalier coat coater coati coenuri coil coiler coin coiner cointer coir coital col cola cole colin colinear colt coltan colter colure con cone coni conin conine conn connate conner contain container conte content continua continual continuate continue continuer contra contrail contrite cor coral core coria corn cornea corneal cornel cornelian cornet cornu cornua cornual cornute cortin cortina cot cotan cote coteau cotenant cotta cottae cottar cotter cottier coulter count counter countian courant courante courlan court couteau couter couture cran crane crate craton creatin creation crenation crenulation cretin crone crotal crottal crottle cruel cruet cue cuittle cul culet culotte cult culti cultrate culturati culture cuneal cunner cunt cur curate cure curet curia curiae curial curie curio curite curl curn curt curtail curtain curtal curtate curule cut cute cuter cutie cutin cutler cutlet cutline cutout cutter cuttle ear earl earn eat eau eclair eclat ecru ecu el elain elan elation elint eloin eluant elution en enact enactor enatic enation encina encinal ennui enol enolic enrol entail entia entoil entrain entrant entric enunciator eolian eon eonian er era erica ern erotic erotica erotical eruct eructation et eta etalon etic etna etui euro ic ice icon ictal ie il ilea ileac in inane inaner incant incult incur inert inlace inlet inn innate inner inocula inoculant inoculate inro intact intent inter interact interclan intercut intern internal into intolerant intonate intone intoner intort intranet intrant intreat intro intron inturn inula inunct inure inurn ion ionate iota ira irate ire iron irone it iterant la lac lace lacer lacier lactone lacune laic lain lair lance lancer lancet lane lanner lantern lar lari larine larn lat late laten latent later lati latino latrine latte latten latter lattice lattin launce lea lean leant lear learn learnt lectin lection lector lei leno lent lentic lento leoncita lerot let leu leucin li liane liar lice lictor lie lien lier lieu lin linac line linear linecut linen liner linn linnet lino linocut lint linter linuron lion lionet lira lire lirot lit lite liter litre litten litter litu lo loan loaner loca locate locater loci loin loir loiter lone loner lontar loran lore lorica loricae loricate lorn lot lota loti lotic lotte louie lour lout luau lucarne luce lucent lucern lucre luetic luna lunar lunate lunatic lunation lune lunet lunier lunt lure lute lutea lutein na nacre nae nail nailer nan nance naoi narc narcein narco naric narine nation natrolite natron natter nattier nature ne near neat nectar neo neon nerita nerol neroli net nett neural neuron neuronal neuronic neurotic neurula neurulation neutral neutrino neutron neutronic nice nicer nicol nictate nil nine niner nit nite niter niton nitrate nitre nitro no nocent noctule nocturia nocturn nocturnal nocturne noel noetic noil noir non nona nonart nonce none nonet nontitle nor nori noria norite not nota notal notate note noter notice noticer notturni noun nounal nu nuance nuclear nucleation nucleator nuclei nuclein nucleon nun nunciature nuncio nuncle nurl nut nutant nutate nutation nutlet nutria nutrient nutter nuttier oar oat oaten oater oca ocean ocrea octal octan octane octant octet ocular oculi oe oil oilcan oiler ola ole olea oleic olein on once one online ontic or ora oracle oral orate orc orca orcein orcin ore oriel orient oriental orle ornate ort otc otic ottar otter ounce our ourie out outact outate outearn outeat outer outlain outlearn outlearnt outlet outlie outlier outline outliner outrace outran outrance outrate outre outrun outturn race racon rail rain rainout rale ran rance rani rant ranunculi rat rate ratel ratine ratio ration ratite ratlin ratline rato ratten rattle ratton re react reaction real reanoint rec recant recital recoal recoil recoin recon recount recta rectal recti recto recut rei rein relation reliant relic relict relit reloan reluct reluctant reluctation renail renal renin rent rental reoil ret retail retain retia retial reticula retina retinal retinol retint retinula reunion ria rial rialto riant rice ricotta rictal riel rile rin riot rite ritenuto ritual roan roc roe roil role ronnel rot rota rotate rote roti rotl rotte rotten roue rouen rouleau rout route routine ruction rue ruin ruinate rule run runcinate rune runic runlet runnel runout runt rut rutilant rutile rutin ta tace tacet tacit taciturn taco taconite tacrine tact tactile taction tae tael tail tailer tailor tain taint talc tale talent taler tali talion talon tan tanner tannic tanrec tanto tantric tao tar tare tarn taro taroc tarot tart tat tate tater tatou tatu tau taunt taunter tauon taurine taut tauten tauter te tea teal tear teat tec tecta tectal tel tela telco telia telic teloi ten tenail tenant tenia tenno tenon tenor tenour tent tenurial tenuti tenuto terai tern ternion tertial tertian tet tetanic tetra tetri ti tic tical tie tier til tile tiler tilt tilter tin tincal tinct tincture tine tinea tineal tinner tint tinter tire tirl tiro tirolean tit titan titer title titre titular to toe toea toenail toil toile toiler toilet toit tola tolan tolane tolar tole tolerant tolu toluate toluic ton tonal tone toner tonetic tonic tonier tonlet tonne tonneau tonner tontine tor tora torc tore toreutic tori toric torn tort torte torten tortile torula torulae tot total tote toter toucan toucanet tour tout touter trace tract tractile traction trail train trait trance treat trenail tret triac trial trice tricot trinal trine trio triol triolet trite triton tritone triune troat trona trone trot trotline trounce trout truant truce truculent true truncate truncation trunnel tui tule tun tuna tune tuner tunic tunica tunicae tunicate tunicle tunnel turaco turacou turn turncoat turnon turnout turtle tut tutelar tutor tutorial tutu ulan ulcer ulceration ulna ulnae ulnar ult ultra ulu un unai unalert unau uncertain unci uncia unciae uncial uncinal uncinate uncle unclean unclear unclutter unco uncoil uncrate unction uncurl uncut uncute unerotic unicorn union unit unite uniter unlace unlearn unlearnt unlet unlit unnail unneurotic unornate unreal unreluctant unrent untie untier until unto untorn untrue untune uracil uraei uralite uranic uranite urate uratic urea ureal ureic uretic urial uric urinal urinate urine urn urticant urticate ut uta uteri utile utricle utter

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