1 Definitions of Endemical

The meaning of the word endemical, the definition of Endemical:

a. - Peculiar to a district or particular locality, or class of persons; as, an endemic disease.

The word "endemical" uses 9 letters: A C D E E I L M N

No direct anagrams for endemical found in our database.

Shorter words found within endemical:

ace aced acid acme acne acned ad ade adeem adience admen ae aedile aedine ai aid aide aidmen ail ailed aim aimed ain al alcid ale alec alee alien aliened aline alined alme am amen amend ami amice amid amide amie amin amine amnic an and ane anele aneled anemic ani anil anile anime cad cade cadi caid cain calm calmed cam came camel can candle cane caned canid cd cede cedi cee ceil ceiled cel ci cine cinema cl clad clade claim claimed clam clan clean cleaned clime cline cm dace daimen dal dale dam dame damn dance de deal dean dec decal decane decile decimal declaim decline dee deem deice deil del delaine dele deli delime deme demean den dene deni denial denim dial diam dice die diel diene dim dime din dine dl dm ed edema edenic edile eel eide el elain elan eland eld elemi elide elm em email emailed eme emend emic en enamel end endemial endemic enema enlace enlaced ic ice iced iceman icemen id idea ideal idem idle ie il ilea ileac in inlace inlaced la lac lace laced lad lade laden laic laid lain lam lame lamed lance lanced land lane lcm lea lead leaden leadmen lean leaned led lede lee lei leman lend li liane lice lid lie lied lien lima liman lime limeade limed limen limn limned lin linac line lined lm ma mac mace maced macle macled mad made mae maid maiden mail maile mailed main male malic malice maline man mane maned manic me mead meal mealie mean meanie med medal media mediae medial median medic medical medina meed mei mel melanic meld melena melic men menace menaced menad mend menial mi mica mice mid mien mil mild milden mile min mina minae mince minced mind mine mined ml na nae nail nailed naled nam name named ne nee need neem nema nicad nice nidal nide niece nil nim nm

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