1 Definitions of Endodontia

The meaning of the word endodontia, the definition of Endodontia:

noun.cognition - the branch of dentistry dealing with diseases of the dental pulp

The word "endodontia" uses 10 letters: A D D E I N N O O T

No direct anagrams for endodontia found in our database.

Shorter words found within endodontia:

ad add ade adenoid adient adit ado ae aeon ai aid aide aided ain ait an and ane anent ani anion anode anoint anointed anon ant ante anted anti antinode at ate atone atoned dad dado danio date dated dato de dead dean den deni dent dentin dentoid detain did dido die died diet din dine dined dinned dint dinted diode dioon dit dita dite do doat doated dodo doe doit doited don dona donate donated donation done donna donne donned doodia dot dote doted eat ed edda eddo edit en enation end entia eon eonian et eta etna id idea ie in inane indent inn innate inned intend into intone intoned iodate iodated ion ionate ionone iota it na nae nan naoi nation ne neat neo neon net nide nided nine nit nite niton no nod node nodi non nona none nonet noo noon noontide not nota note noted notion oat oaten od odd ode odea odeon odonate oe on one onion onto oot ootid ta tad tae tain tan tanned tao te tea ted teind ten tend tendon tenia tenno tenon ti tide tided tie tied tin tine tinea tined tinned to toad toadied tod toe toea toed ton tondi tondo tone toned tonne too toon

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