3 Definitions of Engrail

The meaning of the word engrail, the definition of Engrail:

v. t. - To variegate or spot, as with hail.

v. t. - To indent with small curves. See Engrailed.

v. i. - To form an edging or border; to run in curved or indented lines.

The word "engrail" uses 7 letters: A E G I L N R

Direct anagrams of engrail:

aligner nargile realign reginal

Words formed by adding one letter before or after engrail, or to engrail in any order:

a - geranial   b - blearing   c - clearing relacing   d - dragline   e - algerine   f - finagler   g - ganglier lagering regaling   h - narghile nargileh   i - gainlier   j - janglier   l - allergin   m - germinal maligner malinger   n - learning   o - geraniol regional   p - grapline pearling   r - gnarlier   s - aligners engrails nargiles realigns signaler slangier   t - alerting altering integral relating tanglier triangle   v - raveling   x - relaxing   y - layering relaying yearling  

Shorter words found within engrail:

ae aegir ag age ager agile agin ai ail ain air airn al ale algin alien align aline aliner an ane angel anger angle angler ani anil anile ar are argil argle ariel aril ear earing earl earn egal el elain elan en eng er era erg ern gae gaen gain gainer gal gale gan gane gar gari garni gean gear gel gen genial gie gien gin girl girn glair glaire glare glean glen glia gnar gnarl grail grain gran grin ie il ilea in inga ingle ira ire la lag lager lain lair lane lang lar large lari larine larn lea lean lear learn leg lei li liane liang liar lie lien lier ligan liger ligne lin linage line linear liner ling linga linger lira lire na nae nag nagi nail nailer ne near ng nigra nil rag rage ragi rail rain rale ran rang range rani re reagin real reg regain regal regina regna regnal rei reign rein renail renal renig ria rial riel rig rile rin ring

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