2 Definitions of Enrollment

The meaning of the word enrollment, the definition of Enrollment:

n. - The act of enrolling; registration.

n. - A writing in which anything is enrolled; a register; a record.

The word "enrollment" uses 10 letters: E E L L M N N O R T

No direct anagrams for enrollment found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after enrollment, or to enrollment in any order:

s - enrollments  

Shorter words found within enrollment:

eel el ell elm em eme emote emoter en enol enorm enrol enroll enrolment enter enteron eon er ere ern erne et lee leer leet lemon leno lent lenten lento leone lerot let lm lo loment lone loner lore lorn lot me meet mel mell melon melt melter melton men meno mentor mere merl merle merlon merlot met mete meteor meter metre metro ml mo mol mole moll molle molt molten molter mon monte mor more moreen morel morelle morn mort mot mote motel ne nee neem nene neo neon nerol net nm no noel nom nome nomen non none nonet nor norm not note noter oe ole olm om omelet omen omer on one or ore orle ort re ree reel relent relet rem remelt remet remote rennet rent rente ret rete retell retem roe role roll rom ronnel rot rote rotl te tee teel teem teen tel tele tell teller telome ten tenner tenno tenon tenoner tenor term tern terne to toe tole toll toller tollmen tom tome ton tone toneme toner tonne tonner tor tore torn tree treen troll trone

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