3 Definitions of Entailment

The meaning of the word entailment, the definition of Entailment:

n. - The act of entailing or of giving, as an estate, and directing the mode of descent.

n. - The condition of being entailed.

n. - A thing entailed.

The word "entailment" uses 10 letters: A E E I L M N N T T

No direct anagrams for entailment found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after entailment, or to entailment in any order:

s - entailments sentimental  

Shorter words found within entailment:

ae ai ail ailment aim ain ait al ale alee alien aliment aline alinement alit alme alt am amen ament ami amie amin amine an ane anele anent ani anil anile anime ant ante anti at ate atilt atm att eat eaten eel el elain elan elate elemi elint elite elm em email eme emetin eminent emit en enamel enamine enate enema entail entia entitle et eta etamin etamine etna ie il ilea in inane inlet inmate inn innate intent it item la lain lam lame lament lane lat late lateen laten latent lati latte latten lattin lea lean leant lee leet lei leman lenient lent lenten let li liane lie lien lima liman lime limen limn lin line lineament lineate lineman linemen linen linn linnet lint lit lite litten lm ma mae mail maile main male maline malt man mane mannite mantel mantelet mantle mantlet mat mate matin matinee matt matte mattin me meal mealie mean meanie meant meat meet mei mel melanin melanite melena melt men menial menta mental met meta metal metate mete mettle mi mien mil mile milt min mina minae mine mint mite mitt mitten ml na nae nail nam name nan ne neat neaten nee neem nema nene net netmail nett nettle nil nim nine nit nite nm ta tae tael tail tain taint tale talent tali tam tame tamein tan tat tate te tea teal team teat teatime tee teel teem teen tel tela telae tele teleman telia telnet ten tenail tenant tenet tenia teniae tent tentie tet ti tie til tile tilt time tin tine tinea tineal tinman tinmen tint tit titan title titman titmen

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