2 Definitions of Entomology

The meaning of the word entomology, the definition of Entomology:

n. - That part of zoology which treats of insects.

n. - A treatise on the science of entomology.

The word "entomology" uses 10 letters: E G L M N O O O T Y

No direct anagrams for entomology found in our database.

Shorter words found within entomology:

ego el elm elmy em en eng enol enology eon et etymon gel gelt gem gemot gen genom gent gently gentoo get gey glen gley glom gloom gloomy gm gnome go golem gone goo gooey goon gooney goony got goy gym leg lemon lemony leno lent lento let ley lm lo log loge logo logy loment lone long longe loo looey loom loon looney loony loot lot lye me meg mel melon melt melton men meno menology met mg ml mo mog mol mole molt molten molto moly mon money mongo mongoe mongol mono monoglot monolog monology monte mony moo mool mooley moon moonlet moony moot mot mote motel motey motley my myg ne neo neology net ng nm no noel nog nolo nom nome nomology noo not note oe oenology ogle ole oleo olm ology om omen on one only onto ontology oogeny oology oolong oot otology oy te teg tel ten to toe tog tole tom tome ton tone toney tong tony too tool toom toon toy toyo toyon tye tyne ye yen yet ylem yo yom yon

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