1 Definitions of Enumerated

The meaning of the word enumerated, the definition of Enumerated:

imp. & p. p. - of Enumerate

The word "enumerated" uses 10 letters: A D E E E M N R T U

No direct anagrams for enumerated found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after enumerated, or to enumerated in any order:

r - remunerated  

Shorter words found within enumerated:

ad ade adeem admen ae am ameer amen amend amender ament amu an and ane ant ante anted anteed antre antrum ar ardent are arete arm armed armet art arum at ate atm aunt dam dame damn damner dare darn dart date dater datum daunt daunter daut de dean dear dee deem deer deet deme demean dement demur demure den denar denature dene dent denture derat derate dere derm derma deter dm dram drat dream dreamt dree drum due duet duma dun dunam dune dunt dura duramen dure durn ear eared earn earned eat eaten eater eau ed edema em eme emeer emend emendate emender emeu emeute emu en enate end endear ender endue endure enema enter entera entered entree enumerate enure enured er era ere ern erne et eta eterne etna etude ma mad made madre mae man mane maned manure manured mar mare mart marted marten mat mate mated mater mature matured maud maun maund maunder maut me mead mean meander meaner meant meat meated med meed meet meeter men menad mend mender menta menu merde mere met meta mete meted meter metered metre metred mu mud mudra mun mura mure mured mut mute muted muter na nae nam name named namer nard nature natured ne near neared neat neater nee need needer neem nema nerd net neum neume neuter neutered nm nu nude nuder numerate numerated nurd nut rad ram ramee ramen ramet ran rand ranee rant ranted rat rate rated re read ream reamed red redan redate rede redeem ree reed reedman reedmen rem remade reman remand remate remated remeet remend remet remuda rename renamed rend rent rente rented ret rete reteam reteamed retem retene retune retuned rude rue rued rum rumen run rune runt rut ta tad tae tam tame tamed tamer tan tandem tar tare tared tarn tau te tea team teamed tear teared ted tee teed teem teemed teemer teen teener ten tend tender tenure tenured term termed tern terne trad trade tram tread tree treed treen trend true trued tum tun tuna tundra tune tuned tuner turd tureen turn turned um umteen un unarm unarmed unde undee under underate undereat undreamt unmade unmated unmeet unmet unrated unread untame untamed untread urate urd urea urn ut uta

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