1 Definitions of Epidermoid

The meaning of the word epidermoid, the definition of Epidermoid:

a. - Like epidermis; pertaining to the epidermis.

The word "epidermoid" uses 10 letters: D D E E I I M O P R

No direct anagrams for epidermoid found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after epidermoid, or to epidermoid in any order:

f - premodified  

Shorter words found within epidermoid:

de dee deed deem deep deer deme demirep demo demode demoed deperm dere deride derm dermoid did didie dido die died dim dime dimer diode dip dire dm do doe doer dom dome domed dope doped doper dopier dor dore dorm dormie dorp dree dreed dried drip droid drome drop ed eddo eide eider em eme emerod emeroid emir empire epiderm epimer epode er ere erode eroded id idem idiom ie ii imid imide imido imp imped impede impeded impeder impi iodid iodide ire ired irid me med medii meed mei merde mere mi mid midi mir mire mired miri mirid miro mo mod mode modi moire mop mope moped moper mopier mor more od odd odder ode oe om omer op ope oped or ore oreide pe ped pedro pee peed peer per perdie peri period periodid perm permed pi pie pied pier pierid pod poem poi pom pome pore pored pree preed premed premie pride prided pried prim prime primed primi primo pro prod proem prom re red redd rede reded redid redip redo ree reed rei rem rep repo rid ride rim rime rimed rip ripe riped rod rode roe rom romp romped rope roped rpm

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